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  2. Come on down on February 28 for some fun board games in Table Top Simulator! We'll start off with some fascist roleplay in Secret Hitler before getting our flirt on in Red Flags and then we'll end off the night with an explosive game of Exploding Kittens.
  3. It's gonna be great to try! IGN: ScarTC
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  5. Technically the player breaks two rules for doing this: As said by Rule IV in the Warden subsection of the Jailbreak rules: The guard is denying LR which is not allowed. Denying LR is normally a slay by a staff member, it varies on who and strictness. But mostly it's a slay for it. The player is, as well, RDMing. This results in a slay. The rules declared by RDMing to deny LR seems like two rules are being broken, so two punishments. Denying LR through RDM should be given two slays, but this is all based on staff judgement and if the guard did it purposefully or accidentally.
  6. Interesting and perplexing issue. Let me speak with the Staff team and see what we can do to resolve this.
  7. Hey Eggsident, I see exactly where you are coming from. I was online playing while you were RDMED while you were giving your LR. I feel as they can change up something to take it to the next level on the punishment. Guard ban for a period of time? Something other than just tell them not to do it again. Hopefully they can work something out for you!
  8. Does your name match on all of our servers?: Yes Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:61516109 Age: 16 How long have you been in the community?: 2-3 weeks Brief summary of yourself and why you want to join this family!: I used to play Gmod a lot back when CasualBananas was a thing and that was my family. I stopped playing after that server died and recently decided I wanted to start playing Jailbreak again. I happened to click on Hearthigen and met some cool people on my first stay. So ever since then I have just been meeting new people everytime I join and fell in love with the server. Now everyday I try to hit the server for as long as I can. If you saw someone with massive balls, what would you do?: Run Is Heliuxen your God?: Yes Does ForgetfulCat have feline issues?: Yes Is Brosef-Joseph a SNEK?: Yes Who referred you to this community?: Who suggested you apply for member?:
  9. Oh that's right! I do! Ok +1 As long as you admit your affiliation with KiNG, I'd say you're good to go.
  10. Better be a fucking Monty Python movie or Austin Powers. Also Scott Pilgrim
  11. Oh Shit! Fladoodle just reminded me of a really good fucking movie. The dictator. It's SUUUPER hilarious. We gotta watch it. Fuck my other suggestion. Don't put that in the poll
  12. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  13. Fuck this suggestion. Read my other suggestion
  14. Every fucking day I've connected for the past week it seems, some asshole RDMs me when I get LR. How can someone genuinely say "I didn't know it was against the rules" when doing the most egregious form of RDM? They're always given one round slay or just told not to do it again, but I'm still denied my LR.
  15. +1 She's a great, weird, and unique type of player in Hearthigen but I mean that in a good way. She complies with rules and does understand them. As time goes by i hope she makes herself at home in this community.
  16. Sully

    Jb loading screen

    This is a pretty dope screen loader. Better than what it is now.
  17. absolute lad

    1. KiNG


      MY absolute lad! 

  18. Welcome to Hearthigen, xxorz!

  19. Welcome to Hearthigen, Cblaukjr!

  20. Welcome to Hearthigen, zerua!

  21. king is great. u love him dude. dont try to hide that. yes u do
  22. ;-; please no. I don't affiliate with him
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