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  2. I might be able to attend depends when
  3. Hi guys, there is gonna be a ShellShock tournaments soon ! I want to know how much people will be interested by this event ! I have 7 coupons for this tournament ! If the number of requests is higher than this, there will be possibility to create new tournaments ! If you want to participate, Just comment RTV tbh
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  6. So sad :( rest in spaghetti never forgeti
  7. quantum wave function under the function of "csc(x)"
  8. As he realized FBI meant Fortnite Building Instructions
  9. Checkmate Atheists
  10. 7 thicc kids dressed in fortnite costumes murdered by main claiming to be the fictional character john wick.
  11. heartgen has die like if true reply if u miss heartgen ;(
  12. I thought I would start this fun little game up again that @ordinary time Alucard used to do. If you don't understand the point of the game is to make a story out of sentences. You can only comment one sentence to continue the story. Jerry was playing Fortnite and then, out of nowhere, the FBI broke into his house.
  13. did you really just fuck up a glorious opportunity to post the entire song of black parade in this thread?
  14. i believe i'm perfectly allowed to judge my own background for what they think/believe and what they've been taught, because i was taught the exact same thing, word for word, by my father AND my grandfather. i grew up believing it was a british war and refused to wear the poppy as well... difference is? i made the attempt to look it up and just see how devastating the war was not only for the irish, but the canadians and americans as well... they don't and will never attempt to. thus, they are snobby fuckers. and just to clarify, since you seem to cling on this point so much, i'm not referring to ALL of ireland by calling certain numbers of people who refuse to wear the poppy snobby fuckers. i believe that's where you're confused.
  15. that better not be a soviet flag in your dp you commie cunt











    but yes i miss you too where df have you been :c







    1. Skyy


      oh you best believe it is! love u


      and i've been doing this highschool bullshit so much has changed 

  16. Happy birthday (late) ya cutie

  17. but that didn't stop my dad from
  18. Yes Sir James Names we dont play no games!!!
  19. Sorry Jame Name, my bad...
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