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Hearthigen Embassy
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
KiNG KiNG 08/23/19 Pretty cool guy Incendiary Incendiary
Slicky Slicky 08/15/19 He's been doing a good job since he was a moderator and in all honesty green looked better but anyways hes on quite often helping out so yea hes a great admin BashedDT BashedDT
Heliuxen Heliuxen 08/12/19 pretty okay dude, despite being somewhat toxic, is a nice guy sage sage
Jake :) Jake :) 08/12/19 lol eg meant to do a neg but did a positive lol but yea hes a pretty great staff as i did use him as a witness 2 bad i didnt take enough proof but i also see him do great on the staff team i hope its not that hard to remember all those staff commands BashedDT BashedDT
Jake :) Jake :) 08/11/19 Abuses staff privileges by muting and gagging people inappropiately Eggsident Donald J. Trump Eggsident Donald J. Trump
Chimii Chimii 08/06/19 sometimes hates me for rebeling but hes still a good staff its just scenarios like mass rdm dosnt happen all the time. he handles reports mutes mic spammers or people who say the hard r and everyone makes a mistake and that dosnt mean we should make that a reason to hate him hes on often and is a great moderator. BashedDT BashedDT
Bread Bread 08/06/19 I'v seen bread. She is friendly and kind dosn't mock other people, mutes and gags people when they're saying hard r or just spamming and has to try hard when theres just toxic fucks on the server. She does try to do the right thing and i want to encourage her to keep up the good work and know that someone appreciates her work. BashedDT BashedDT
Chimii Chimii 08/05/19 Still Dirt Shit at staff. brought me into an interrogation about a prisoner that I killed 3 rounds ago. He kept me frozen for four minutes while he questions the person the reported me. Of course, they forgot as well so I get unfrozen and killed on the spot. This is like the 4th feedback I've done on this shit head, please demote RexPlayz123 RexPlayz123
psychosis psychosis 08/04/19 you already know why sage sage
SCOTSCHIEF SCOTSCHIEF 08/03/19 I have had many experiences with scotschief, and when it comes down to staffing, I can't say that I have had any positive experiences with him. He has repeatedly used rule lawyer as an excuse to abuse and punish those like my self, who follow the rules. I believe that he is not being the staff member he should be, and that is why I am giving him a negative feedback. sage sage
Proper Proper 08/03/19 Has a tendency to randomly kick from TeamSpeak channels and from the server for petty reasons, not actual rules being broken. Then when asked why it happened, usually ignores or dodges the question. Attempted to bring it up with higher staff, but was ignored. sage sage
psychosis psychosis 08/03/19 finally some good fucking staff members hes a good guy with a big heart, but an abrasive outside ily bro sage sage
Proper Proper 08/03/19 I personally thank Proper for dealing with all our bullshit during the years... I am grateful for her existence and I thank god for her existence. altaboy100 altaboy100
Papi Platano ;D Papi Platano ;D 08/02/19 Good kid who's shown time and time again he can be depended on and is dedicated to the community! Keep up the good work :) Lil' Cutiefly Lil' Cutiefly
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 08/02/19 From the day I first meet asnue I could already tell he was a great person. He taught me pretty much everything I know about jailbreak... Today I still thank god for bring him into the community and bringing me in to the hearthigen family with open arms. God Bless Asune. altaboy100 altaboy100
Bread Bread 08/02/19 Gagged me for calling out on rules. She claims that and i quote " having fist out is afk frozen" when the rules say something different. I had no idea that mods could make rules up as they go. RexPlayz123 RexPlayz123
Proper Proper 07/27/19 i'v never seen proper power hungry i'v seen her do her job just fine may be a gamer girl but thats 0% the reason im giving feedback proper has been on this comunity for so long and deserves her rank and its hard to be commander when you have real life scheduals and in game scheduals so proper has been doing an outstanding job os far BashedDT BashedDT
Proper Proper 07/26/19 Didn't deserve the negative feedback. pretty cool. just a bit crazy Incendiary Incendiary
Proper Proper 07/26/19 Power hungry staff member that enjoys banning. White knighting someone who was taking advantage of my forum to look good. Mean and makes terrible assumptions on forums without evidence. bigbenbennett bigbenbennett
LanceCorporalTP LanceCorporalTP 07/22/19 Fricking amazing dood, best staff ever, deserves owner!!!! nah but all seriousness. All in all great guy and is fun to play with. Great staff member as well. Garrythesloth Garrythesloth
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 07/21/19 He's a good lad, always around and always willing to help out. Don't have anything bad to say about him so I think he's a good mate. Good staff. Laughter Laughter
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 07/20/19 Ok ok ok.. he is really nice, has a calming voice, and like yeah. He also helped me a lot as well and yeeeeeee!! he is a great staff member. Love you bro Garrythesloth Garrythesloth
Heliuxen Heliuxen 07/20/19 well im first to positive yep daddy of hearthigen makes the server proud and is WAY to humble to us all of how greatful he is, and takes time out of his day to host a vip event BashedDT BashedDT
[test]Asnue [test]Asnue 07/20/19 Seriously a cool guy, always is a good staff member when he's on. He's funny and good at his job, and he's a genuinely nice and helpful player. In short, a very epic gamer. SaltyCBox SaltyCBox
paul paul 07/18/19 Paul is really fun to play with. He may be a little rough around the edges at first, but once ya get to know him he's a pretty cool guy and fun to hangout with! Tinyann045 Tinyann045
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