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    You're both getting demoted
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    How many times are y’all gonna write about mystic until u realize he’s not that interesting
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    Heli, I have been here from near to the beginning. I have seen people come and go. However, I have learnt many things including, Hearthigen WILL NEVER die. There’s something magic about this community. Not only does this community bring people together in a positive way but it also creates a second family for everyone. It manages to bring the community up again when it goes low. That’s something other communities struggle to do. Personally, I absolutely love this community and I’m sure everyone else feels the same. Heliuxen, you have been a committed, loving owner that has taken very good care of your users. You do not get that with many communities. I’m always here for you. YES im a British kid but I will even come on ts at like 3 am to support you. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, we all have your back and we all love you! Stay strong Heli this community will never die. ❤️
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    @Proper You catch my attention like a firefly. I think you are beautiful I'm sorry I cannot lie. When I see you on Teamspeak I hide and flee. However, the main question is "Will You Go On A Date With Me?" (I'm 15 no hate)
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    Thankful for the work @kanalumaddela has done on the website. Marvelous job! Runs like a charm - very fast - very impressive.. No more proxies.
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    Reading anything about Mystic or anything Mystic writes makes me wanna punch a baby
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    1) really long time ago 2) you have drug problem
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    What the fuck heli! I never thought something on Hearthigen would bring me from happy to sad. Not only that but I’m at an amusement park and sad now, not even the rides bring me joy. Your three years of service to this community will not go unnoticed and we will always remember you, for when you do leave. I hope you make the most of your time you’ve still got.
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    so lets remove murder and keep slashers fym you leaving, youre the only reason niggas are even here
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    Not gonna lie I can feel the Deja vu coming from this. You have posted about how jailbreak delta is coming soon and so is tt and everything else. I give it 2 more updates before Jb gets an update
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    @JHooligan My love, forever. Why I want to dick Jhooligan By weeb, Even though you are inactive. I find you very attractive. Your giggle is so sweet It makes me want to beat my meat. Whenever I hear you say 'ECKS DEE' It makes me want to touch my pee pee It's breaks my heart whenever you play guitar hero because then I just feel like a side hoe This poem was made for you So have sex with me you jew. xoxo, Weeb.
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    i love @Trailer Park Supervisor @Moosee @Rona and @Ceol lmfao lykkos OMEGALUL
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    Congrats! You are now a new member to the Hearthigen Community. Being a member means you are now apart of the family we all enjoy being in. Getting the rank Member opens many doors in the Hearthigen community. You can stay a member and vote on staff, member, and department applications. Or you can decide your own path and apply for a staff position. These are just a few of the amazing opportunities at Hearthigen Embassy. If you want some more guideance on making the most of being a member, please read this post http:// https://www.hearthigen.com/forums/topic/13213/how-to-make-a-big-impact-as-a-hearthigen-member/?page=0&tab=comments#comment-115144 or contact any Hearthigen staff or other members. Enjoy your stay here at Hearthigen Embassy
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    DELTA release soon! Will have quite a long weekend!
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    How many Cops does it take to change a lightbulb? None, They just beat the room for being black.
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    Nonsexual Poem As Winter Arrives And Fall Goes The Birds Say "Goodbye, It's Gonna Snow" All The Trees And All The Dew Oh, I Love These And I Love You You're The Reason I Wake Up The Reason I Sleep I Love You Like A Baby Pup, But Much More Deep ~~~~ Inspired by Lucifer
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