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    lol jk. The idea of resignation for me popped into my head a little under 2 weeks ago, and the reason it did was because I realized I was moving on from Hearthigen. I was meeting new people that I was happier to be around, which was a big factor in all of this. On top of this, I lost my drive to do my job in all departments (this was because of many personal things, not because of anything here or anywhere else online) and feared I was going to start holding my team back. Then I got a job, and it was a very exciting time for me to get this job until I realized that also meant I could no longer be apart of Hearthigen in a position where people were relying on me. And yknow, school starts in about 3 weeks. Very busy times. I could not have gotten my job without Hearthigen truth be told. I took all the management skills I learned while in my position of Commander and used it to impress my interviewer to the point of earning a job offer on the spot (she put me down for 6 years of experience with management - like wtf?). So to @ Heliuxen thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow so much in such a short time. This is an extremely valuable part of my life that I will always rely on and I cherish it. @ Cattos @ Lordratington @ kkfonix You're all insanely capable people and I have no worries about the Commander team as it stands. You're all doing your part and you care so much, so I don't feel like I can add more to the team rn. That also helped me to make this decision - knowing I'd be leaving Jailbreak in good hands. You've been a great team and I love u guys. To the entire Jailbreak staff team: y'all have taught me a lot as well. You all offer such unique, strong perspectives and your opinions were always on my mind with all decisions we made, even if it didn't seem like it. The server is doing very well all thanks to you guys, and I hope you're all learning from your experiences here. My ultimate goal was to serve you guys. @ Bread in particular - you are young, but you are very capable. I see a lot of potential in you, and you are not held back by the actions of others. Keep committed to your values and learn as much as possible. I see much of myself in you. I love u guys, I'll still be around, just kinda MIA rn. Hearthigen will always be a special place to me. 🙂 PS @ Lil' Cutiefly I love u the most
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    Thank you for doing all the hard work for the commanders; Im going to miss you ❤️ Thank you for all the fun times we had abusing staffing on jailbreak! (plz check in on team speak every once in a while)
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    Found this recording of @ Lil' Cutiefly singing. It is also her in the front singing. This is how she looks and sounds. You're welcome.
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    Okay so as some people have noticed, I have been asking people to name off 1 thing for me to paint, I finally finished it! in wanted to show what everybody's ideas had made ;3
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    Godspeed you magnificent bastard.
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    your breathing is now manual. to undo this, please send 5,000$ USD to Scientology, thank you
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    you need 730 hours, which is honestly retarded but ok
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    Gamers and gamettes I call to you today because doofenshmirtz needs our help on the minecraft server! I have been rebuilding his tower but i can't do it alone- Imma need all the gamers I can get to help me finish this tower before it gets deleted by moon!! 😨😨Please come and save the doofenshrmirtz fan club on the minecraft server we need your help!!!!!!!!! <--------- Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated
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    So here it is chimii's epic gamermoment *again* well most of it the gigs went low so i didn't notice it wasnt recording no more Totaly was Not an event he was just saying that to act innocent. 😅 Half Life Source 2019.08.12 - (2).mp4
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    day two of no wisdom teeth. still hurts
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    I would say i miss you but we both know i'm ur least fav staff jk lemme room with u so i don't have to pay so much in rent dw i won't judge your mom for lookin like this
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    I already miss Proper
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    Wow such a wonderful suggestion! Amazing! Outstanding! Great! Cool! Good! Awesome! Remarkable! State of the art! Genius! Perfect! Epic! Nice! Promotion is due here! Gurt best staff ever!!! No joke! Not kidding! Jk good suggestion but he's worst staff smh
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    pretty cool not gonna lie
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    i wanna fuck psychosis in the ass
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    730 hours is a pretty insane amount of time maybe it seems like more to me because im not an afking rat but idk i feel like 400 hours would be much better, maybe less
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    It’s a difficult rank that is considered an accomplishment to be able to have so it’s difficult to obtain. Considering people can AFK those hours very easily, it’s difficult to AFK for it as well if it’s a month long. I already have a week on the server myself after being not that active for a few months.
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    use google or a calculator to do the math ?
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    Add more things to the donator shop. Oh yea and the Minecraft map too that's a good map
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    Don't clutter the server with awful playermodels. Ensure that the playermodels you add have normal hitboxes. Don't add trails that can be really bright, distracting and annoying.
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    take over the server
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    congrats on Admin
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    The promotion was successful if you were wondering
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    Thats pretty dope.
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    so if your the senate does that make you darth Sidious
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    This is Patrick, my big mean scary Pitbull who was definitely born a savage monster that will try to kill you on sight.
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    +1 very respectful and knows the rules he would be great staff
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    What server are you applying for?: Jailbreak (JB)   What is your in-game name / name you like to go by: Miss Mady or Mady   How much experience do you have in the gamemode?: I've been playing Jailbreak on and off for about 4 years and I've loved it ever since. I found Jailbreak pretty early on and I'd say that most of my 2000 hours in gmod has been spent on Jailbreak. I'd say that I know a lot about the mechanics of Jailbreak, granted I don't know everything. Within these 4 years I've staffed on two servers, one being here on Hearthigen where I am Captain.   What brings you to apply?: I've been wanting to apply for Deputy for a while now, but have always held myself back because I didn't think myself as a person was ready for that big of a step in the community, but now I think I may just be ready for it. Since Operation GENESIS has been started I decided that I want to help rebuild Jailbreak with our current Overseers as of right now. I've always wanted to be able to help more with Jailbreak and I think during this new project it would be a great place to start.   What traits do you think exemplify you as a potential leader?: If I had to choose the biggest thing that I think makes myself a potential leader I would choose my friendly nature. I've always been a nice person because I genuinely think that people should all be treated fairly and the same no matter who they are and what they do. This community is all about fairness and equality which I like because I've come and gone to multiple communities and for some it's been nothing, but malicious. This is why I chose this community to stay in and why I will continue to help better it until I cannot find myself to do so anymore. With that being said I also consider myself to be a level-headed person. Whenever I'm dealing with something frustrating or stressful I never lash out on anybody else because I'm upset which is what we need in a leader. Nobody's going to put their trust and faith into somebody they cannot rely on to stay and not lash out when times get tough. Something I consider to be a potential leader trait is my silliness. I love to poke fun at people and not always be downright serious because I feel as if it will just take the fun out of everything. The reason I say I, myself, would consider this a leadership trait is because some share different opinions than mine. I've been told by other people they don't think I can be serious whenever it is needed, but I've worked on it a lot and I believe I can. I'm always ready to work and think when the time comes, but if we're working and a joke is needed to lighten the mood then I might just say the occasional one to make everything a little less stressful. One thing that I'm big on is being optimistic. I always try to look to the most positive side of things even when everything looks like it's taking a turn for the worst. I never pull myself nor others down with negative thoughts, but more of raise them up with positive ones so we aren't sitting waiting for something bad to happen. In a leadership role you don't necessarily want somebody who only points out the bad because anyone who looks up to them can easily look more to the bad than the good which does not help that leader nor that person. Like every other person I am not perfect and have things that I need to work on. One thing being is me being more confident in my actions and work because I find myself to be insecure when it comes to those things. It'll take time, but I'm sure I'll be able to overcome it. The biggest thing I need to work on in my eyes is my activity. I get on mostly on the weekends because I have more time then, but during the week is also something I should move to work on. Mostly I'd rather just get on Teamspeak and do all my JB work out of game instead of in-game which is a habit I will try to break.   What is the biggest issue today with that gamemode, and what can we do to make it better?: In my eyes there isn't really a problem with the gamemode, but more with the staff members. Sometimes they can be a little TOO lenient which can cause a lot problems on the server. When observing once, I noticed that members are given a lot of leeway to do mostly anything they wanted. This is not good for the server because it makes people think they can get away with breaking rules quite easily which isn't a mindset we want our members to have. Yes, we want our staff to be lenient, but it also needs to be pushed on them that there's a certain extent to where that leniency should end.   What is your current position within Hearthigen?: Captain   How long have you been in Hearthigen?: 7 Months  
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    [FONT=Kaushan Script][SIZE=7][COLOR=#00ff00]Changed to +1[/COLOR] [COLOR=#0080ff]Approved please talk to [USER=143]@Lykkos[/USER] for proper training[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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    So you spammed kitty and disrespected her and you recently mic spammed. Hmmmmmm.... Be glad that I'm forgiving [COLOR=#00ff00]+1[/COLOR]
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