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    how about we just not
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    Does anyone know how to vectorize this image so it has no background?
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    how about just "Shit rank"
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    1. stole my meme 2. overlord is better 3. shut fuck up retard
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    Paint 3D magic select, and save a png :):)
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    So basically what your supposed to do here is continue a story. For example I would start it off with: A kid named then someone would continue and make up a sentence with about a sentence relating to the topic above them. Ok lets start it. The boy without a smile on his face.
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    yes add another useless role that controls people because that's all we care about when it comes to ranks
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    >be DRP Staff >actually get on more often than rona gets on ts
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    🅱️onster 🅱️ouse would u give dj a succ? the awnsers yer
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    >be DarkRP Supermod >dont play DarkRP
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    Minecraft is kinda lame...
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    I don't even remember making this
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    A little role fucking stupid idea for the community. Probation Principal - -Looks after everyone on probation. - Makes rules for people on probation. - Checks that everyone on probation stays on their rails. It's such a stupid idea but screw it I wanted to get it out there.
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