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  • The Spark! Where's Jailbreak Delta? [9/30/18]

    Tis The James



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    Table Of Contents

    A Meeting for Jailbreak Staff and Jailbreak Delta's Upcoming Release!

    By: @Flying Fladoodle

    The Overview and Future for Hearthigen's DarkRP!

    By: @Shadow and @JamesIsMyName

    The Release of Nvidia's Brand-New RTX Series and Turing Architecture!

    By: @JamesIsMyName




    A Meeting for Jailbreak Staff and Jailbreak Delta's Upcoming Release!

    Meeting Recording: Here!

              A new Jailbreak Staff meeting appeared in the calendar section of the forums and was scheduled for Saturday, September 29th and began around 5:00 PM EST. It was open for whoever would’ve liked to come on in and listen. Also, the meeting was hosted by myself. Before I explain what was discussed at the meeting, I have some Jailbreak Delta news! Recently, I and others were given the opportunity to go on the Delta test server and test stuff out. Although there wasn’t anything really exciting that was added on the test server, there were some small changes. The weapons no longer require you to reload and now they automatically do it for you. The most major change I saw on the test server was the report system. The current one is complete dog shit in my opinion, that’s coming from the Jailbreak overlord, so I’m glad we are receiving a new one. The new report system will be “Athena”, which was apparently also used on our DarkRP server according to sources. This report system is majorly improved from the one currently used on the server. It is more simplified than the current one and you can finally choose the reported player.

              Now we will get into what was discussed at the meeting. The meeting started with me removing talk power from the crowd. While some people were still memeing in the chat, I started discussing about staff not looking at the rules, which is a big problem. So, I came up with the solution of giving them a graded homework assignment of studying the rules. Another problem I addressed was staff being uptight and over-enforcing the rules, which players do not appreciate. The third topic was staff interaction with players, I told the staff to not interact if players get into an argument. The main topic I looked forward to discussing was the new rank organization I invented, which will help with staff organization and will heavily enforce activity.

              The new system will include 3 tiers: Moderator Tier, Administration Tier, and Leadership Tier. There are Tier Leaders who will overseer their accordingly level, this includes Head Moderator and Head Administrator. Whoever would like to be in these ranks will have to create an application and do an interview. The head ranks will have a limit of two people. The goal of these ranks is to overseer the tiers they are assigned too. All the ranks have a time requirement that will be heavily enforced, so that means that if they do not surpass their time requirements they will be considered inactive and will eventually be demoted if they do not improve. This new rank system hopefully will be fully implemented by the end of the week after we receive Head Moderators and Head Admins. So, stay tuned later this week for more news about Jailbreak staff. If you have any current question about the new ranks, you can contact me on Discord, TeamSpeak, or the forums @Flying Fladoodle



    The Overview and Future for Hearthigen's DarkRP!

    DarkRP, Hearthigen’s newest addition to its collection of servers, has just received a new update with some brand new features. But before we delve into everything that’s new, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at its previous life, for DarkRP is not only one of the most critical servers to Hearthigen, but has a life like no other with the potential to put shame to any other!



              DarkRP’s development preceding its official release was different than the servers that had come before it. Heliuxen closely tied the community in the development of Hearthigen, polling them on their opinions and offering sneak peeks into novel features, and right off the bat invited them to help build its story. It was clear this would be a far more in-depth roleplay experience than before.

    This apparent U-turn in the development process certainly tied the community closer and made the server more in-line with what people wanted, which is a good thing when you look at previous attempts at launching a DarkRP server. The server that came before, headed by Exler, faded away hardly a month after its release due to a lack of attention from its Overseer. But current DarkRP, with @Nova and @Imasin as its Overlords, updated it much more vigorously, in turn allowing it to thrive.

    But of course, it is far from a two-man project, so give a hand to everyone else who helped (and help) make the server what it is: @Heliuxen, owner and head developer; @Sage (who was also a beta tester), @Ed Françoise Won Appledelh, @Pizzablawk@The Flash, @Rabbit, @Moosee, @SCOTSCHIEF, and @Loud J, your dedicated staff team; and @Rona, your very own Justice. In addition to their staff ranks, some members of the team also took it upon themselves to help out the server in even more ways: Rabbit was also a beta tester during development and is an assistant rule maker, and helper (kudos!); Moosee is a helper and also minor developer; and SCOTSChief is a helper.

               Though, when it comes to potential, the server is begging for more attention. To assume it is negligence would be misplaced; it seems more of an issue with overseers being occupied by their lives and Heliuxen developing the server in majority, alone… He has received help in the past and recently but one man can only do so much. The release of DarkRP was delayed, which also provides some visible struggle of development. Some have wondered about the future of the server without the chance of receiving more dedicated developers. For the time being, patience is key, as one can be assured Heliuxen is doing what he can: his best!



              DarkRP’s debut 1.0 release on August 3rd already showed the project was to be unique. Not only were custom niches added such as the Reaperz gang and others (looking at you, weeb jobs), cars and an impressive array of weapons quickly became a staple. Even typical jobs you’d expect of a DarkRP server were revamped—take the police force as an example, being tiered and eventually allowing you to become the mayor—and a novel environment system to couple the expansive map was added.

    Already the server had a lot going for it, as shown by the playerbase; for about 10 days after its release, there was not one moment it was empty. At this point, the only questions being raised were how long it would truly take for bugs to be patched and updates to be applied. The server was fresh and populated with light at the end of the tunnel, but would it last forever?



              The next changelog release on the fifth (don’t ask me what happened to 1.1) saw a number of modifications, including a widely unpopular but necessary move: resetting the economy. Many weapons’ prices were adjusted to be more expensive—we’re talking 1500% increases in some of them—and to compensate we received a new job, wage increases for the police, and a heftier payout for robbing the elusive bank. Several quality-of-life improvements were also made, including purchasable ammunition, a reports system, handcuffs for the police, and several more.

    Player numbers stayed high in a sine wave between day and night. Clearly, these updates were doing something right.



              The next in DarkRP’s saga of releases happening just the following day was not as big as its predecessors, but what it lacked in large lists it made for in content. Police received a little nerf, no longer spawning inside the PD (in case of a raid on the building) and losing the ability to arrest people (though they still had their handcuffs), but other jobs received the exact opposite. In addition to model fixes for certain jobs, bank guards now spawned with guns so they weren’t helpless in case of a raid and hitmen could now extort more money off of their clients. Cars gained the ability to lock/unlock (including forcibly) and sirens now worked properly.

    Unsurprisingly, activity kept up. You get out what you put in, and this server was no exception.



              Rolling out the red carpet for a new major release, DarkRP version 2.0 released August 8th and also began the start of something terrible (in a good way): the Reaperz gang. As expected with a new leading number, the 2.0 update was chock full of new goodies. Not only did the tow truck driver introduced in 1.2 get a revamp, but the law side of the town also received some upgrades as well. Healing jobs were now able to heal, and the homeless were able to pervade the streets. Not to mention a dozen miscellaneous changes that all helped fine-tune the server to be the best it could be.

    Player activity peaked at this time, at one point reaching about 20-25 players simultaneously. This was a good time to be playing. And now for the reason why.

    The Reaperz Event

              Heliuxen, Nova, and Imasin definitely had creativity in mind when they designed this server. To accompany the 2.0 release, the Reaperz gang officially joined into the chaos for this event. New jobs were added for soldiers, enforcers, and coordinators of the coalition, and the latter two received their own personal pistols to run amuck with. Needless to say, the server became akin to a war zone following during this—and I’m sure those of you who love FPSes found it nice to be able to wreak havoc on the town. In fact, just to punctuate how far this gang penetrated Norhaven, gun prices lowered as the result of increased smuggling.

    But as if that wasn’t enough, an event was held just three days after the update’s release that served as an ultimate standoff between the police and this mysterious gang. Police officers were given shipments of weapons by the local government to obliterate the enemy gang base, and as a battle ensued in and around the Reaperz base, squad cars came flashing in with sirens and lights. This level of roleplay was something special to the server—it isn’t often you find DarkRP servers that have this level of lore. Needless to say, this gave Norhaven a certain charm. Or did it?

    Just a few days after the conclusion of the event, player activity seemed to plateau entirely. Was it the lack of updates? A lack of interest? School? No matter the reason, even this changed the server as its highest points barely scraped the low points play wise of its former self.



              But the developers were unabated by this apparent drop-off. Fast forward a few weeks, and version 2.1 was rolled out on September 1st. Since the Reaperz gang was eliminated following the events of the war, all corresponding jobs were wiped off the face of the server. Printers received a fresh coat of paint, and a proper, less event-oriented gang system was implemented as well as a new property system that introduced real estate. But the list ends there.

    The time between updates did not look pretty, but the figures on the other side of the fence looked even worse; there was virtually no difference in activity. It would appear as if everyone has moved out of Norhaven, for one reason or another.

    But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope on it. The server has so much potential with the novelty its updates provided. Hop on and give it a second life.


    Public Opinion

                Enough reminiscing of the server’s development, let’s find out what the public thinks of the server. All interviews were recorded by @JamesIsMyName and condensed by me. In an effort to keep this section concise and capture everyone’s general experiences, two distinct, random questions were selected from each interview. Big thanks to everyone here for their time!



    Recording: Here

    • What was your involvement with DarkRP when it first began and what drew you towards it?
      • While DarkRP was still in development, I saw all the big bois down in Heliuxen’s Development Center and I was like “hey i’m bored can i come in” and they were like “ok”. So I made an off-topic spam post asking for upvotes so I can get the password to DarkRP, and when I eventually got it, I was like, “hey do you guys need help with anything,” and they said, “you got any ideas,” and I said, “well do you need to blacklist props,” and they were like, “yeah sure you can do that”. So, I spent most of my time blacklisting props, although we still messed around a little bit, but for the most part, we were all on task and doing our own parts. Then I helped Moosee with his entity menu because he needed the prop files to put them in. And then I also helped him out with making rules and the handbook.
    • Did you see any potential in DarkRP or think it would be different than past iterations?
      • I didn’t think DarkRP was going to be a great server at first and that’s why I wanted to help. Like our previous ones: the one Exler made, it wasn’t bad per se, but it had a lot of glitches and a lot that still needed to be done; and the one before that one, no one got on it simply because it wasn’t fun to play. I don’t want to have a repeat of what happened before. With Heli helping develop it personally, I’d say it had a more serious force behind its creation and would last longer since it’s not just one person with a little bit of coding knowledge trying to do everything, it’s Heli, Imasin, and Nate altogether. Of course, they all messed up many times, but in the end, it all worked out.


    Recording: Here

    • What would you say about the general lack of specificity in the rules and handbook?
      • Put simply, it was rushed. We had just got done developing everything and everybody was tired and burnt out; we didn’t want to do anything more. Then Rabbit reminded us that we needed a rules sheet and handbook, and none of us wanted to do it, so he started doing it. But there were a lot of struggles, and in the end, it just ended up being a lopsided piece of shit.
    • What did you think of DarkRP’s launch and what difficulties did you face?
      • When we were finished with everything, I was thinking to myself “yeah, this is going to go better than some of the other launches I’ve had”. But I was wrong; it was a very hectic start, everyone was complaining about very basic things, Heli wanted to take a break because he had just got done developing, so we were just left with writing everything down and getting it ready for tomorrow’s fix. I stayed around for about an hour listening to everyone yell at me, then I just got overwhelmed and got off.


    Recording: Here

    • What was your general experience of being DarkRP staff?
      • It was pretty normal. Some RDM reports here and there, some people reporting bugs that I brought to Heli, and really just the normal staffing experience of DarkRP servers.
    • What would you personally do to get more players on the server?
      • Usually, people come onto a server for its player count, like if it has 50+ players, and its uniqueness in everything compared to just having hitman or one line of police jobs. I think normally people will judge a server by the information it has in its title, as opposed to actually going onto the server and seeing what addons it has. DarkRP’s current title (“Hearthigen Embassy | Village of Norhaven v2.1”) doesn’t do much besides saying the name of the server, so it doesn’t really pop out among the list of other DarkRP servers. So, I would say the server would need more addons to make it more fun and a bigger playerbase to attract more players, like a snowball effect.

    The Detrimental Shortcomings and Superb Aspects of DarkRP and Its Future

                DarkRP takes the most points in Hearthigen for being built up and stripped down the most throughout its past. The DarkRP we have now lies on the brink of death. Numerous causes have brought it to its knees, but other implementations and features once helped it thrive and continue to kick on for weeks. Before the decline, DarkRP under Heliuxen was famous for its weather system, hilarious staff, and family atmosphere. The general environment and hope of DarkRP gave it a special novelty, but like all novelties, it wore off. DarkRP faced and rose above plenty of bugs, unbalanced features, and instability issues. As time when on, the lack of updates and fixes, lack of staff plus a handbook, and shortcomings in the server within the addons and setup itself all proved to be frightening for player population. People complained and struggled to find things to do, things were left uncorrected, and time for development was thinned by the owner’s busy life. Things such as the ease of getting money at first, to then the lack of certain addons and jobs, then lag on the server and bugs all were reasons that gave way to a downward spike in activity. A myriad have pushed and suggested events, more addons, changes, server title changes, and a mouthful of specifics too. In the end, it’s all just suggestion and words, no action. It was never the issues that brought DarkRP down, truly, it comes down to one thing. A lack of activity in not only the staff team but a in development of the server. This isn’t to claim they have no excuse, but rather, all invested in the DarkRP project are responsible for its state. The server isn’t gone yet, but what can be hoped for is a more robust push with stronger action for more staff activity to attract players which should coincide with revamps and improvements on DarkRP.



    The Release of Nvidia's Brand-New RTX Series and Turing Architecture!

              The largest graphics card release in two years is finally here from Nvidia, though, the reviews don’t hand out approbation to these cards quite so easily. The new line of cards, as we know, tagged “RTX” have risen happiness and concerns. Popular reviews from large YouTube channels such as “JayzTwoCents” and “Linus Tech Tips” leave a sentiment of being pleased but let down in a way. These concerns are more than justified due to statistics dug up from benchmarking and a somewhat hasty launch on Nvidia’s part. You can find a quick video on this subject here!

              Scores such as these are what make customers satisfied! 


              The only question is the cost of these improvements. Generally, this is where many become skeptical and feel they understand Nvidia’s lack of statistics during their presentations pre-release. As PCGamer puts it, “50 percent more performance for 74 percent more money isn't a great bargain, though diminishing returns is typical as you move up the product stack, and we've said the same about Titan cards and other extreme GPUs in the past. The real problem is that in our own testing, with the modestly overclocked GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition, the RTX 2080 basically ends up tied with the GTX 1080 Ti, while costing $150 more”. Price spooks more than enough buyers away from this hefty investment. Despite the improvement on games and improved Turing architecture.

              Turing architecture itself is a marvel of design from Nvidia with new technology and features along with its extensively advertised real-time ray tracing capabilities. Those new technologies include “DLSS” or Deep Learning Super Sampling and the new “Tensor” cores that DLSS is baked into. DLSS in simple turns, deals with neural-network learning and the methods it’s utilized to improve anti-aliasing in games and other graphic features built into the cards, this implementation will prove to be a enormous addition to GPUs, “Once trained, DLSS can provide real-time enhancements like the removal of jaggies, plus it can also combine resolution upscaling with anti-aliasing.” The other major feature in the Turing architecture is real-time ray tracing, it the main advertising point for Nvidia! That’s where another form of criticism comes from. There are currently no games that support what Nvidia boasted about for months and what plenty spent deals of money on. The potential of Nvidia can not even be used post-launch. RTX cards may improve speed wise and their potential fully used as more iterations, driver updates, and games and their respective updates come out, but as of now, the card feels released too soon. Another small note would be the removal of traditional SLI with a new technology, “NVLink” that sports speeds of 50 GB/s between cards in unison.

              Here you can find the new line of cards. The RTX 2080Ti goes for $1,199, the RTX 2080 for $799, and the RTX 2070 for $599. Is the card worth it, maybe as price drops slightly and updates and games are released and tweaked. Until then, this card may stay for deep pocketed and enthusiasts. The cards are a huge step for technology but the execution of its release was shaky and brought about a lot of disapproval but amazement. Nvidia has a near monopoly on the GPU market, as they continue to explore into the future of graphics we can only hope they steer themselves in the right direction and their current generation cards improve…




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    Credits: @Sage

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