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  1. Happy birthday (late) ya cutie

  2. If you told me a year ago that we would be moving in a new direction, I probably wouldn't believe you. There is a sense of hope in me now, and I can't really explain that feeling. The last two weeks I have played games with everyone, and it has been an absolutely incredible feeling. I am actually able to enjoy gaming once more, and I feel like in some ways we are more of a community than we have been in the last two years. We got massive, and we were riding on the waves of Garry's Mod for quite a long time. I am sad to see the Jailbreak gamemode die off so much, and I know that in December it may pick back up for a bit... I don't count on it for our future, though. Being able to play games with all of you has been a much needed transition in this community. I cannot be more thankful for everyone who has been working with us as we move forward. It is not easy, and it is not something I ever thought we had to do. I told you all in the meeting three weeks ago - I will fight as long as all of you do. Proud of you all! Heliuxen
  3. Hearthigen, It has been long coming that my time as the developer of Jailbreak would become limited at best. I already did not have enough time, but now with the new direction we are taking, I want to focus on the community and development of that as we aim for new goals. @Incendiary will be starting a project on a new Jailbreak server for all of you, and this is currently in development. I appreciate the committed and consistent support of the community at hand. However, it is important that we are always moving forward with new changes and new developments. I will be doing some major changes over the next month as we prepare for these shifts. I am also taking on the TTT project with @ForgetfulCat. Hope everyone is staying warm! Heliuxen
  4. @Spooky Weeb UwU ........... i was the jailor
  5. I was actually excited to play a game today.. Playing Town of Salem 🙂 Hope I can record this with some of y'all this week!

  6. Lemme hit ur juul bro 

  7. Moving the community forward... I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK!

    1. Haunted


      However you change the community, I will be here for you ❤️

    2. Withered


      Can't wait to see what you bring!

    3. RareFroggy123


      Jay is gay. Welcome back Heli!

  8. Hearthigen, I wanted to make the announcement that I thought was necessary as we have seen many changes in our servers and in Garry's Mod in general. We will be expanding into non-hosted games and focusing primarily on the community - not so much on hosting servers. In any organization adaptation is key to success. We have played the Garry's Mod game for about 2 years and 9 months... It is time we begin to move on and look to new avenues. We need to transfer from a "host-required" gaming community to just a "gaming community." We log on, play games, and just enjoy gaming as it is. Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, League of Legends, Blackout, and Rainbow Six are all just a few avenues to look into. I want to enjoy gaming again. We are consistently working to adapt and make the community better, and I recognize some of the concerns as of late. The community is not going anywhere, and I am so proud of all of you. This means that the way the community works is going to completely change. Ranking and Council will change. TeamSpeak functionality... will change. Discord... will change. We are moving forward, and I look forward to seeing all of you. No - we are NOT shutting down all of the Garry's Mod servers. It is just no longer the focus of the community anymore as we adapt to the new primary way of gaming. Thank you all for the consistent support and dedication. Heliuxen
  9. until
    I will be releasing part of DELTA.
  10. Thankful for the work @kanalumaddela has done on the website. Marvelous job! Runs like a charm - very fast - very impressive.. No more proxies.



      +1 good job kana

    2. Haunted


      Woop woop. Thanks you bb Kana!

  11. DELTA release soon! Will have quite a long weekend!

    1. Haunted


      Woot Woot! Cant Wait For The Next Update

  12. Jailbreak DELTA Changelog v.04 Weapon Function Server Function Added in new reward system Rewards for being in Discord Registering on the site Steam group etc. Updated new report system Heliuxen

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