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  1. Interesting and perplexing issue. Let me speak with the Staff team and see what we can do to resolve this.
  2. New update coming... Going to be working on "Follower" customization. I will be altering followers so they all appear in the same location... However, I may make it so they appear on two sides so you can still have two.

  3. Hearthigen, We will be holding our first community vote on a proposed change to the player recognition system (which will be more thoroughly explained when the vote is posted) ON THURSDAY!!! I have been away for illness, but I am still here ❤️ We are working diligently to do great things for all of you. Thank you all for your consistent dedication and help in making Hearthigen the best it has ever been. *We will be selecting February's playermodel winner for Jailbreak this week, too. Due to illness I have been unable to be on or around.* Heliuxen
  4. So you think the loading screen should be similar to TTT showcasing "funny moments" with other players?
  5. Get better ❤️

  6. Maybe I can make it contraband (like you can find them randomly)
  7. Welcome to the community!

  8. DECLARATION Operation GENESIS February 5th, 2019 I was speaking with @sage, and he mentioned how sad he was that TeamSpeak wasn't used by the new members that come in and out of our servers. In order to maybe entice these users, I have a new idea that everyone can participate in. Points for TeamSpeak Be on the TeamSpeak server for 1 hour - 10k points Be on the TeamSpeak server for 2 days - 20k Be on the TeamSpeak for a total of 5 days - 50k points Be on the TeamSpeak for a total of two weeks - 80k points Be on the TeamSpeak for a total of a month - 120k points This will start today. All previous time will not count as to ensure that all users can be properly proven. I will add - you will have to provide proof that you have been on for this amount of time by submitting a ticket: https://forums.hearthigen.com/forms/93/points-for-teamspeak/ HELIUXEN Heliuxen 2/5/2019
  9. until

    i'm coming to this event
  10. awww hell ye bud 100% accurate
  11. DECLARATION Operation GENESIS February 3rd, 2019 As of February 3rd, 2019, I, Heliuxen, Founder of Hearthigen (1/2), declare that former Departments have been dissolved and all members within these departments have been dissolved. Departments will no longer exist by the old title... "departments." We are now upgrading them to reflect our Senate values... Agencies. Agencies function similar to departments, but there will be far fewer, and they will have specific tasks given to them from Senate and others involved. The hope is to create a more cohesive environment and higher participation. The name is a rebrand, but it is a part of the grander scheme of creation. All other departments are hereby closed. As of now, the following Agencies exist: The Event Agency (Formerly The Event Department) The Forum Wardens (Formerly the Forums Department) The Officer Strategic Agency (Formerly the Officer Strategic Program) The Agency of Historical Preservation (Formerly the Wiki department) HELIUXEN Heliuxen 2/3/2019
  12. DECLARATION Operation GENESIS February 3rd, 2019 As of February 3rd, 2019, I, Heliuxen, Founder of Hearthigen (1/2), declare that former Council has been dissolved and all leadership within have been demoted. On February 3rd, 2019, I, Heliuxen, Founder of Hearthigen (1/2), declare that a new leadership group will take over the function of Hearthigen Embassy. Senate will function as the decision makers at the behest of the Hearthigen Embassy community. Their role is to serve the community to its fullest extent while also upholding the values of the family at its core. In previous iterations, the leadership of Hearthigen Embassy has failed at properly representing the community and its needs. Individual greed and sought after power has often been at the core of Hearthigen's Staffing system. In this way, sought after positions were often filled by individuals who were not fit for their role but were instead voted into the role. While we will still allow feedback, roles within the community should be filled by users capable of representing both the community's interest but also the interest of their fellow leaders. This means that we hold the right to appoint a person to a role if we find them capable of the aforementioned qualities. Beyond that, it is important to recognize that the community is a growing and living creature. We are a family, and our core values should represent the idea of moving forward at all times. The past is what it is. Evaluation should serve as both self and community based. Members of leadership will be evaluated once a month. Their performance will be community based, leadership based, and Owner based ( @Heliuxen & @ForgetfulCat ) as to help develop our leaders for their future. Leaders will no longer be required to run a agency, but that will be an option from within the leadership circle. Leaders can simply be representatives of the community, but you do not have to be in the Senate to be a leader. Leadership comes from your heart, and your willingness to dedicate your time and effort to the common core value: family. Hearthigen Council is no more. HELIUXEN Heliuxen 2/3/2019

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