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  1. Hearthigen, As a part of our GENESIS meeting, I wanted to create a post to allow for you all to discuss (even if you were not at the meeting) as to how you would create Hearthigen. The post should refrain from the PAST - we are starting a clean slate. Topic discussions can range from new ideas to ideas about departments, staff, anything really. Ideally, we want to allow the community to create the new community (Hearthigen GENESIS) with us. Post your ideas below, and feel free to comment on other people's ideas. I would love to see a true discussion regarding what we can or should do. Hearthigen is what we make it. It is completely rebuilding from the bottom up. Heliuxen
  2. TTT bois.... we the real ones
  3. TTT Beta is going well!

  4. Very excited to see some old members returning. I expect this will be GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!
  5. Heliuxen

    I'm Back

  6. until
    We will be discussing the future of Hearthigen, our ideas, and any new games/innovations we will be investing in. You are welcome to join and add to the discussion. This will be a Council meeting, but the public is certainly allowed and invited to join us in this endeavor.
  7. Y'all are silly. I look forward to seeing everyone on soon 🙂

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      No fuck you im not the silly one ur silly bitch

    3. Salt Water Hippo
    4. Dradaus


      yall are COMMUNITY DEADED 

  8. was the code that @Tis The James' mom used to get the d
  9. So much to do... So much time to do it!

  10. rip heartgen nevr stood chance
  11. Happy birthday (late) ya cutie

  12. If you told me a year ago that we would be moving in a new direction, I probably wouldn't believe you. There is a sense of hope in me now, and I can't really explain that feeling. The last two weeks I have played games with everyone, and it has been an absolutely incredible feeling. I am actually able to enjoy gaming once more, and I feel like in some ways we are more of a community than we have been in the last two years. We got massive, and we were riding on the waves of Garry's Mod for quite a long time. I am sad to see the Jailbreak gamemode die off so much, and I know that in December it may pick back up for a bit... I don't count on it for our future, though. Being able to play games with all of you has been a much needed transition in this community. I cannot be more thankful for everyone who has been working with us as we move forward. It is not easy, and it is not something I ever thought we had to do. I told you all in the meeting three weeks ago - I will fight as long as all of you do. Proud of you all! Heliuxen

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