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Heliuxen's Feedback

  1. Ketros left Positive feedback   

    Heli is literally all you could ask for in an Owner Kind, Reliable, Respectful, and Professional. Only The Best of the Best.

    Heliuxen was

  2. Shadow left Positive feedback   

    What isn't there to like about the Death Crusader, the leader of Hearthigen?

    Heliuxen was

  3. Devas left Positive feedback   

    Heli, Thanks for being a nice, positive and great owner in the while that I've been in Hearthigen! Apart from 1 occasion, you've always been there ready to help, and if you're not willing to help you're busy and have a great reason. I hope you will never but Hearthigen to your side and always keep on top of everything. Keep it up!

    Heliuxen was

  4. DDynamix left Positive feedback   

    Really great person, active on most servers and updates his games often!

    Heliuxen was

  5. Weed left Positive feedback   

    Heli is sincerely one of the best owner(s) of hearthigen. He's greatly appreciated by me and everyone in the server. Everyone makes mistakes but seems like everything that comes out of helis mouth isn't a mistake. He's amazing at handling situations and a very lovely person. I rate him 10/10 on tinder.

    Heliuxen was

  6. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback   

    Made me a meme and changed my profile pic to a spicy meme, anyway great guy, super easy to talk to about basically anything, much love ❤❤❤❤

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  7. Triinkett left Positive feedback   

    clearly puts a lot of effort into managing the servers and making sure that hearthigen builds a good community. great owner.

    Heliuxen was

  8. [K]Toxic left Positive feedback   

    Honestly, there too much of Heliuxen that meets the eye! He enjoyable, fun, incredible, hilarious, mature, sweet, wonderful, carrying and just mostly everything you can think of?! he all that and beyond! So Heliuxen keep being you! ^-^

    Heliuxen was

  9. Moosee left Positive feedback   

    Now, if there is one person that I feel comfortable talking about advice that isn't my mom or my dad, it would have to be heli, this guy has given me too much advice to count, and whether or not I took that advice was reflected on my actions, it still doesn't mean I cant say that I dont respect him now, or that I use his advice now.

    Heliuxen was

  10. flame17 left Positive feedback   

    i missjudged him at first. he is kind and went out of his way to help me out

    Heliuxen was

  11. BorkLord left Positive feedback   

    Honestly, I don't even know where to start with Heli, he's an amazing person who cares so much about OUR community (he stated it was our community, meaning everyone's community.) He does a lot for this community and I can't begin to say how much I appreciate it. #thankyouheli

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  12. MystikerDrachonBaxster left Positive feedback   

    Very Kind And Listen's To Everyone! He Put All This Hard Work Into These Servers To Make Others Happy! Nice Work Heliuxen!

    Heliuxen was

  13. Lethal Bacon left Positive feedback   

    "Shall RDMs be gone!" Is what it takes for Heliuxen to control everyone when he joins the server. Awesome Owner btw! Couldn't ask for a better one. We owe everything to you <3

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  14. X13 left Positive feedback   

    Is a very helpful owner and I love everything he does for the server

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  15. Brandon left Positive feedback   

    Incredibly thoughtful and forgiving towards others; I admire your ability to remain steadfast and resolute in your decisions. I genuinely believe that Heli overworks himself for the betterment of this community.

    Heliuxen was

  16. Spooky StarKiller left Positive feedback   

    I would like to thank you most of all for helping me with Sandbox and creating such a wonderful community. This is truly the best one I have ever been a part of.

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  17. xenobi left Positive feedback   

    Has helped me see errors of some of my actions and learned alot from you in our meetings i thank you for being so patient and kind and i'm honored to be a friend and a staff member.

    Heliuxen was

  18. Jeff the killer left Positive feedback   

    He helps a lot and is very fair

    Heliuxen was

  19. ChewBacca left Positive feedback   

    He is amazing owner, and a cool funny looking neckbeard dood. #swagalicious

    Heliuxen was

  20. stoneystone662 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, Runs the Server Amazingly, Just a scrub on csgo.

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  21. Silverad left Positive feedback   

    He is Very Good ^^ I luv him, He create the New Forum with Kana, He do Awesome Programming thing on JB and The forum, He help me a lot Before ^^ It is awesome. Heli is Awesome ^^

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  22. Junɇ left Positive feedback   

    Fixed my name, Great Founder and loves to make survey to give out points

    Heliuxen was Staff Member

  23. Cpt H Barkington left Positive feedback   

    Great person, He's Really friendly, He Does great work, Keep it up!

    Heliuxen was Staff Member


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