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zeme's Feedback

  1. spedsnail left Positive feedback   

    helped me out when i was down really is nice +1 good poet

    zeme was

  2. Walrus Master left Positive feedback   

    One of the only people I can have an overly philosophical existential conversation with and come out feeling less suicidal than before. 10/10

    zeme was Staff Member

  3. Triinkett left Positive feedback   

    basically the coolest person ever

    zeme was

  4. Isaac left Positive feedback   

    Chillest warden ever, rarely do people rebel because he's just so chill

    zeme was

  5. [K]Toxic left Positive feedback   

    i consider Zeme a very sweet, carrying, mature, cool person. He always there for everyone and he never fails to make us laugh when we have a bad day!

    zeme was

  6. GASHERMAN left Positive feedback   

    Very chill and relaxing guy.

    zeme was

  7. Lincoln left Positive feedback   

    Good guy fun to be around

    zeme was


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