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  1. -HGEN-Kirito


    I'm going to play 1 game of csgo then ill hope on bb
  2. -HGEN-Kirito


    Okay due to some recent events I've been pretty inactive. I do intend to return in a little bit but still need more time. there was a lot of family complication and I've been really busy at work and school. Once i sort everything out I tend to come back and be active on BOTH TFT and JB and hopefully and finally become a staff member and stay. I do truly miss Hearthigen and everyone here. I'll be back soon.
  3. Current: Name: -HGEN-Revand Requested Name: -HGEN-Kirito Why do you want to change your name?: Didn't really like my new name and wanted to return it to what it was in the past By choosing to change your name, you agree you cannot request another name change for 1 month. However you can request to go back to your previous name within 5 days of the name change.: I Agree.

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