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  1. i have a natural swing
  2. hehe haha jesus emote funny

  3. until

    shows up at the start and afks
  4. the fellatio theorem?
  5. locked in limbo, never will get back to the levels it was at before, 🤷‍♀️ edit: got the big heat
  6. User - Proletariat Registered - Proletariat Member - Proletariat Honorary - Proletariat Donator - Bourgeoisie GPatron - Bourgeoisie Lord VIP - Bourgeoisie VIP+ - Bourgeoisie Helper - Bourgeoisie Officer - Bourgeoisie Moderator - Bourgeoisie Admin - Bourgeoisie  Viceroy - Bourgeoisie Super Admin - Bourgeoisie Owner - STINKY COMMIE SLAYER
  7. let them bitches die wtf, i wouldnt give a single shit if they died, sucks for you, be faster next time
  8. sage


    change your name back to revand, kirito is homosexual
  9. good message but you're missing some key parts -it's a gaming community -not many people genuinely like each other -you're likely doing this for attention -half the people are half your age

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