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  1. 1. stole my meme 2. overlord is better 3. shut fuck up retard
  2. a kid got expelled from my school a couple days ago for making a paper version of that one lmao
  3. https://www.change.org/p/god-make-it-illegal-to-dress-up-as-fortnite-characters-on-halloween
  4. Sage


    >be DRP Staff >actually get on more often than rona gets on ts
  5. scary movie : kings jailbreak staffing
  6. Sage


    >be jailbreak deputy overseer >dont play jailbreak
  7. change it to Heliuhxen
  8. shut up kid you dont even own the game No problem dog, just tryin to help ya out and help out the people running it.
  9. tbh im like the only one who gets on rust whos active in the community
  10. Use Discord, It's usually the easiest way to get in contact with someone who can deal with the issue You can join our discord using this link, https://discordapp.com/invite/MdY7d9T For the VAC ban question, It doesn't autokick for any VAC ban on your record, and if you are VAC banned from rust, im fairly certain you wouldnt be able to join any VAC-Secured server. If you believe someone is hacking, record as much evidence as you can and bring it up with Forgetful or Moon. Do not accuse them of hacking in chat, this makes it more likely for them to toggle the hacks off when you are collecting evidence. If you believe someone is evading a ban, get the SteamID or Steam profile link if you can, if you cant, screenshot their name and send it to either of them so they can check the connection logs.
  11. minecraft 2, electric boogaloo


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