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Daddidud's Feedback

  1. Scottie left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy! Got to know him on teamspeak and he has a rockin' personality! He's super fun to play with, mature, funny and a great staff member!

    Daddidud was

  2. Brandon left Positive feedback   

    He's like an ooompa loompa. Always diligent and hardworking; definitely deserved the promotion.

    Daddidud was

  3. Silverad left Positive feedback   

    Daddidud Is Doing A Great Job In General, Very Active On Jb, He is A Deputy TWRD And A Deputy Justice And Handle Them Easily, He Is Staying My Bro From America, He is Nice And Cool With Everyone, I Hope He'll Stay The Same In The Future Because Right Now He is 1 Of The Best Jb Staff We Have (in My opinion) He Also Create And New Meme Call Parlez-Vous Français ? Stay The Same Bro !

    Daddidud was Staff Member

  4. Dradaus left Positive feedback   

    Daddidud where do i start when it comes to him. He is the embodiment of a great staff member. When i first met him i thought he was a kid lurking for power but then he became staff went up and beyond in JB, TWRD, and is in my opinion the SOLE REASON EVENT DEPARTMENT IS SO SUCCESSFUL. He has done so much for this community and has done things to prove that his young age doesn't matter. While yes he does act his age but i am still glad to say i am his friend and his teammate in past staffing.

    Daddidud was

  5. ur father left Positive feedback   

    he has helped me as an officer, hard worker. much appreciation for daddidud

    Daddidud was

  6. Heliuxen left Positive feedback   

    You can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but you are a good kid with a lot of ambition. Keep going with it, don't be discouraged. You've made some mistakes, which is fine. Always look to the future and always look to right and wrongs that ever occurred. I am thoroughly impressed by your work. Keep it up!

    Daddidud was

  7. DevMod left Positive feedback   

    Great hard worker, Helps new members in forums and in gmod! As a real hard working staff should do! Your a important part of the community mane ^vˆ

    Daddidud was

  8. Charlie left Positive feedback   

    Extremely friendly, in-game and on teamspeak, goes out of their way to help you if you need assistance or have any questions. A joy to play with.

    Daddidud was

  9. FIRE left Positive feedback   

    He is a great guy and he helps me alot on jailbreak when i need it.

    Daddidud was Staff Member

  10. KiLLER KLOWN left Positive feedback   

    daddidud has been surprisingly an amazing staff member and is very helpful when I have a question

    Daddidud was Staff Member

  11. P E R N U S left Positive feedback   

    good staff

    Daddidud was

  12. Jeff the killer left Positive feedback   

    you are kind to me and others i have been watching you . you are chill dude

    Daddidud was

  13. LT.Kitty-Kat left Positive feedback   

    Is always there when you need help in events, would help me a lot when i'm in a tight situation. He always thinks ahead of ideas and is truly amazing.

    Daddidud was Staff Member

  14. Silverad left Positive feedback   

    He is friendly with everyone and he is also very active on Game,forum,ts ^^

    Daddidud was Staff Member

  15. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback   

    Daddidud does a lot for the TWRD Department as a specialist and he is a fun dude to hang with on TS.

    Daddidud was Staff Member


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