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  1. It's well compensed forced military servuce br0
  2. I know, I know everyone, you might look at these images and be like wtf, but think about it, Alucard and I are a great power couple who knows how to save Hearthigen. Vote for us in the democratic election and we'll not only destroy democracy in Hearthigen, we'll also force all of you into military service to invade other jailbreaks servers. You might ask yourself," Why do I want to vote for these morons?" and I will tell y'all why you should vote for us, in bullet points. 1. We're planning a great future (Notice planning) 2. You'll invade other servers 3. When all the servers surrender to the obviously superior might of the HearthiArmy, you'll be retired from service and receive a heroes' welcome ( sounds good amirite?) 4. I just want to shitpost 5. After all the JB servers surrender to us, Hearthigen Embassy will no longer be known as that, it will be known as the Greater Hearthigen Empire, to be ruled by an iron fist by Alucard and I, but we'll be fair sweeties, I promise. 6. Kickass concept art for the Greater Hearthigen Empire: 7. A kickass recruiting poster for you to 'voluntarily' join the HearthiArmy 8. When we are the last JB, we'd need 128 slots to put all the jb players from other servers in, so you'd never feel lonely. (Hopefully) 9. We call on you, the people to clamor for the Greater Hearthigen Empire, please, the Empire doesn't need to be a dream, but can exist with your help.
  3. This is, by far the greatest moment, also, spell 'favorite' like an American pl0x. kthx br0

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