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Spooky StarKiller's Feedback

  1. GetRektM8 left Positive feedback   

    Super nice. Active.

    Spooky StarKiller was Staff Member

  2. staffmage left Positive feedback   

    Super awesome guy. Very helpful and cares about the community.

    Spooky StarKiller was Staff Member

  3. Daddidud left Positive feedback   

    Although Star is a little 'playful' sometimes, he is a very ambitious staff member. Being the Sandbox deputy overseer along with Armerulez, he has worked very hard to make Sandbox a better place.

    Spooky StarKiller was Staff Member

  4. Heliuxen left Positive feedback   

    Very good Overseer for Sandbox. You've continually pushed to make Sandbox better and that is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work! Do not be discouraged by some of the faults; rather, use them to propel yourself forward!

    Spooky StarKiller was

  5. Romulus left Positive feedback   

    he is a cool guy very nice and fun to play with

    Spooky StarKiller was Staff Member

  6. KiNG left Positive feedback   

    He's a funny guy. and he's fun to play with :) also to take the focus off the negative feedback :)

    Spooky StarKiller was Staff Member


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