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  1. Actually it's self defense and also I can shoot him in his leg.
  2. I would attack the shooter and try to kill him with his own gun tbh.
  3. 2356 profile views 😮

  4. Hello Wolfexs to the Hearthigen Community! I cannot wait to see you in-game! +1
  5. Me daddy STEAM_0:1:155808504
  6. So if I donate $50 I would originally would've gotten 50,000 points but if I donate during this I get 100,000?
  7. +1 Real cool guy was in ts with him and on jailbreak ❤️
  8. -1 Pizza and bones sound disgusting +1 cool guy
  9. +1 Welcome to Hearthigen.
  10. Name: GetRektM8 Age: 16 Rank in the Community: HGEN Member / Awaiting Staff Training Are you great with people? If so, explain how: Indeed, I love to learn about new people and love to greet them. I also have great conversation skills. I also love to listen to others before I start replying. What qualities make you fit to be a leader?: What qualities I have to show I am fit to be a leader are I have been here for over 2 years so I know this server 100% in and out. I have also done some things that I regret so I would love to redeem myself. What made you apply?: What made me apply is because I see some users in the server wanting to apply and I would love to be the one to welcome them into the Hearthigen Family. I am also a YouTuber with friends with over 200k subscribers to record on the jailbreak server and would love to be the one to decide to accept the application. Who referred you to the Recruitment Department?: No one, I decided to do this on my own because I want to help out. What would be the best time to train you?: Anytime I am online Time on the Forums: I am on the forums when I turn my computer on. Are you able to balance activity on our forums and servers?: Yes, I always have the forums in the background. Have you ever violated any of our Forum and/or server regulations?: Yes, I was once community banned and I own up to my mistakes and apologized Heliuxen and I owe the whole server an apology. The Board of Trustees is a unnecessary group that people go to and cry to. Would you like to be apart of our Board of Trustees?: Yes, I would love to help people when they need it. If you saw Heliuxen taking a stroll through the park late at night with a rock hard boner, what would you do?: I would chill with Heliuxen and then bring him to his house play some jailbreak and then be out because heli is a cool dude everyone gets erections it goes away and anyway why would I look down there? As a Recruitment Officer, you will be expected to keep up with member applications on the forums, recruiting players from our servers, updating the community list, and make the best impression of our happy family! If you are caught disobeying server or forum regulations/rules or show inactivity into the Recruitment Team, you will be demoted from the team. By agreeing to these terms, this means you have read this and understand our terms and expectations in the position you have applied for.: I Agree.

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