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X13's Feedback

  1. A 6 Year Old left Positive feedback   

    So, let me just start this off by saying that during my time while talking to Gaming, I can say that he is a great guy. Whenever I am in a channel with him, I'm usually always having fun, this includes the times when we aren't even playing the same game. He is a very friendly person and is just a very cool person in general. Even though we haven't talked much I would say that he is one of my good friends.

    X13 was Staff Member

  2. SIK ICE left Positive feedback   

    Gaming is very nice and a very good friend of mine, He is one of those rare couple of people that can pull me out from a channel of 20 people to talk to him alone, and play with him alone. <3 you

    X13 was Staff Member

  3. BorkLord left Positive feedback   

    gaming is an amazing guy, he knows what he is doing, very respectful, knows things, an amazing staff member too, keep up the good work bud.

    X13 was Staff Member

  4. BorkJr left Positive feedback   

    This guy is so much fun to be around he does a great job as staff just don't stop what you're doing <3 :D

    X13 was Staff Member

  5. Bensuperawesome left Positive feedback   

    He's Really nice to everyone. Respectful in game.

    X13 was Staff Member

  6. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback   

    Great OSP, Very Helpful, Knows All Rules

    X13 was Staff Member

  7. DevMod left Positive feedback   

    I agree with every one! Great dude, a great staff! Whats even better a great friend!

    X13 was

  8. INomKittyHearts left Positive feedback   

    Gaming knows the rules, he's very friendly, a great friend, and sometimes spells Spectatoe. I enjoy our conversations, and have looked up to you as a staff member due to your hard work and passion for the community. You're good dude, ily.

    X13 was

  9. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback   

    Great guy knows the rules and hands out punishments as they should go in my opinon should be promoted

    X13 was

  10. YourMCGeek left Positive feedback   

    One of the most unbias staff I've met. Treats every report or interrogation the same - regardless if it was his friends or a total stranger. We as staff should look up to him and try to fit the example that he creates.

    X13 was Staff Member

  11. Lethal Bacon left Positive feedback   

    Always gives me help with things I don't understand about the server. Also really active and answers to the meme "jb needs staff". Thank you Gaming <3

    X13 was Staff Member

  12. Raz left Positive feedback   

    Active and deals with reports while enjoying the game

    X13 was

  13. ThatKidMatt left Positive feedback   

    Helped it adding on donor, super fast and professional!

    X13 was

  14. Ryan left Positive feedback   

    great staff memeber, seen him deal with reports well, good overall

    X13 was

  15. Peaches left Neutral feedback   

    I was "rebelling" and Gaming said Peaches, you are pardoned. Then 5 seconds later Gaming said Just Kidding he is not Pardoned, Kill him." This is like somebody giving DR and then saying SIKE you cant have DR.

    X13 was Sender

  16. Romulus left Positive feedback   

    this person is nothing but helpful to us staff he makes the game fun he is active and he is great friend i have nothing but good things to say about him i cant wait for him to become staff with us i love this guy!

    X13 was Staff Member


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