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  1. I thought I would start this fun little game up again that @ordinary time Alucard used to do. If you don't understand the point of the game is to make a story out of sentences. You can only comment one sentence to continue the story. Jerry was playing Fortnite and then, out of nowhere, the FBI broke into his house.
  2. Sorry Jame Name, my bad...
  3. Happy birthday pleb.

  4. It came with his car
  5. AHHHH, oh it's just a picture. If I was trick or treating and I saw that pumpkin I wouldn't even go near your property.
  6. This sounds like a cool, new idea. Like what if Timmy wanted to play fortnite with Bob but all these other losers keep joining the channel and annoying them. The cancer is so loud Timmy doesn't here Bob when he says "Drop at Loot Lake" and Timmy goes to Tilted Towers and dies. This could ruin anyone's childhood. #BringBackPrivateChannels
  7. Head Super Head Super Owner

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