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  1. Since Drunk currently can't post on the forums, he says "I'm honored to have the privilege of being in this great community, with all these great people." He said that.
  2. If there are any playermodels that you want on TTT, post 'em here, and they just may be added! Note: Make sure they have good hitboxes, like headshots and so forth.
  3. We had an official sing-off with @Drunk vs @Cool Rick It was a close match, but it ended with a victory for Rick, and a mic-spam award for Drunk. Good game, bois, glad to have witnessed history today.
  4. Due to the new TTT server going up as well as Operation Genesis, donator ranks have been revised. The new TTT server contains only THREE donator ranks: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. This has been done both for the purpose of simplification and due to our monthly payments being lower than they have been. That being said, we still very much need donations to keep our services running. The new adjusted ranks: Bronze: $5 Silver: $15 Gold: $25 Due to these new values, current donators will be shifted around a bit. All current bronze AND silver donators will be moved to Bronze Donator. All current gold donators will be moved to Silver Donator. All current Platinum, Titanium, and Diamond donators will be moved to Gold Donator. Fear not, Titanium and Diamond donators (and Grand Patrons)! Titanium donators will receive a custom scoreboard tag on TTT, if they so desire. To claim this reward, message either I or Heli when you're on the TTT server, and we'll get you taken care of. Diamond donators and Grand Patrons also get this reward, but additionally have the option to receive a unique playermodel for use on the TTT server that ONLY they can use. This means that the playermodel will be locked to your specific Steam ID, and will cost 0 points. *Note: these unique playermodels can still be traded using the F4 menu, so if you want to gift your playermodel to other players for their use, you are free to do so. Your choice. All this being said, Hearthigen is greatly appreciative of any and all donations thus far received. This community literally would not exist without you. *The above changes may take some time to implement, but they're on the way.
  5. +1 i like moosee, also you're an admin on Edge Gamers? Which server? I was playing on their TTT server all the time while working on ours!

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