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Miss Mady's Feedback

  1. spedsnail left Positive feedback   

    *LOUD POP* NOICE... (active, nice, deserves ownership not co owner!)

    Miss Mady was

  2. [K]Toxic left Positive feedback   

    What can i say about my adorable friend mady, She just amazing person to talk to as well enjoyable to be with, always looking out for others, you can relied on her for almost anything, she great at her job/helping others, and more!

    Miss Mady was

  3. MystikerDrachonBaxster left Positive feedback   

    Very nice, kind, and active. She is very loyal to everyone she meets and has the most beautiful voice on hearthigen.

    Miss Mady was

  4. BorkLord left Positive feedback   

    Mady has always given off some very positive vibes...when I first met her I was very sure that she was going to do great things and progress far in hearthigen. No matter the amount of players on the server she is constantly doing an amazing staff job. She is very kind and understanding, she is also willing to help when people need it the most, no matter how I look at it I am certain she will move on to do great things, not just in hearthigen, but in real life as well. Keep it up, Mady.

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  5. NessPKfreeze left Positive feedback   

    Helped me in a very stressful and difficult situation on JB today and helped me handle it. Always brightens my day when I talk to her. I believe she has done a wonderful job and will continue to do great things

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  6. Fonix left Positive feedback   

    She does her job very well on the server and I respect her for that. She's also a pretty cool person to get to know.

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  7. Weed left Positive feedback   

    Another addition to the grills ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) she told me she likes chicken so my point should be made. But really she deserves her rank what I've been hearing from other people she's an amazingly fun girl to play with and handles her job very very well

    Miss Mady was

  8. Gochfutchian left Positive feedback   

    She is an Amazing admin and she does her job and her job. She is also fun to play with. Plz promote.

    Miss Mady was

  9. BorkJr left Positive feedback   

    She has been doing so great on jailbreak and she amazes me to shes fun to be around shes pretty mean to me sometimes but I still love her xD and shes fun to play with and great to be around keep what your doing Mady it isn't going unnoticed! <3

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  10. GASHERMAN left Positive feedback   

    Amazing staff, she is just outstanding. She puts countless hours day and night just to make sure that everyone is having a great time on the server. She is very respectful, always being open for different ideas and opinions.

    Miss Mady was

  11. cabbagehunter64 left Positive feedback   

    Miss Mady is a great staff member. She is on pretty often, and is always fun to play and chill with. She handles situations very well, and I find her to stay calm and never lose her temper. I've had a few negative experiences with her, but most were positive. Great Job.

    Miss Mady was

  12. Isaac left Positive feedback   

    I wanted to leave some positive feedback for how Miss Mady handled a situation earlier. I had inadvertently broken a rule on JB and rather than just throwing out ban hammers we talked about it, and brought in an overseer to handle. The point is, that this was handled very well and professionally, and becoming of a staff member.

    Miss Mady was

  13. A 7 Year Old left Positive feedback   

    Miss Mady, you are a very wonderful and caring person. Ever since we started talking to each other on TS, I thought of you as a pretty good friend of mine. But, now that has grown and I would consider you one of my favorite people to talk to in this community. I know that I can trust you with anything and everything. Honestly, if you were to leave the community right now, it would feel so different and I don't know how I would adapt to that big of a change.

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  14. War Kid left Positive feedback   

    great staff member active and amazing person really funny and she is a amazing person overall

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  15. BorkJr left Positive feedback   

    She has been doing a great job at staffing and is really fun to play with and makes it fun keep up the great work Mady

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  16. [K]Toxic left Positive feedback   

    ^-^ Mady is such a sweet girl, i enjoy talking to her everyday when i get on ts and i love how she caring for others.

    Miss Mady was

  17. X13 left Positive feedback   

    Mady is such amazing person she has help me so much on JB when no other staff members are on and I really hope she gets accepted as a staff member.

    Miss Mady was Staff Member

  18. GASHERMAN left Positive feedback   

    Very nice, fun to play with, and its a... GAMER GRILL

    Miss Mady was


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