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  1. Shaq fu is the greatest game of the history of earth. If you disagree you are just not an intelectual. Shaq fu for the nintendo gameboy brings out gameplay never before seen on a mobile game system. The stunning gameplay will have you gurgle at every satisfying, bone crunching ninja kick shaq takes into the thick, muscular bodys of his enemys. Shaq fu is a gift from god himself. No other game has been at a higher standard. Banjo kazoo-y? nuh-uh. Pong? nope. Mario 64? no way. Ocarina of time? Not a chance. Freakin half life 2? NO HECKIN WAY. Even the OG doom will never amount to the legeandary-ness shaq fu brings to the table. By playing shaq fu my mind has accended into the outer vortex. This game has made me able to communicate and control the elder gods themselves.This game IS the golden era of gaming. No other game has come close to it. The graphics remind you of a simple, yet better time of amazing games. You are not a TRUE gamer unless you have played shaq fu on original hardware. By playing shaq fu YOU will acend to the higher plains of existance. i rest my case.

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