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  1. Paint 3D magic select, and save a png :):)
  2. It has nothing to do with no player models or delta coming soon, Jailbreak itself is just dying. There is literally 18 people in the entire playlist atm (at least from what i am able to load). We consistently got more then that on our servers before. Gmod itself is experiencing a huge dip in players atm. Adding new player models or revolutionizing the gamemode wont help the fact that its a dying game. It may prolong the enevitable, bring a minor spike in users, but all in all it gmod is on a downward slope. Maybe once christmas break comes along people will be more inclined to play but currently gmod is dying.
  3. well if you finish up you can come whenever, we may watch more then one movie so late comers are welcome!
  4. Hey guys, little bit late notice, but tomorrow we will be hosting a movie night (8:30 EST). We will be watching a few scary movies, to be decided by the attendees. Join us on teamspeak and enjoy the show 🙂 Hope to see you there!
  5. Nigga who the fuck reads name change requests
  6. Nah don’t worry, I’m saving myself for marriage
  7. Issued.jpg.71352db9bd310c1685043c1581285c8c.jpg

    1. Kevin


      nigga da fuq

    2. Haunted Jay

      Haunted Jay

      its your birthday??

    3. Kevin


      @Issuedwhy do you just have a cake signed with issued lel

  8. Am i the only person who plays other games more then gmod?
  9. you can change it now :3c


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