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  1. I might be able to attend depends when
  2. Checkmate Atheists
  3. but that didn't stop my dad from
  4. Its to late to stop it
  5. SPOOKED. Also, why is there a car dealership so close to your house?
  6. I'm kinda curious.
  7. Good job making state! This year for me isn't a state year, but at least we made sweepstakes at U.I.L. What do you play?
  8. This seems really cool, but I still can't get internet for my computer so I can't go.
  9. I kinda like Overlord
  10. @everyone Yo check this shit out
  11. Withered


    Well wait, we don't know what he was doing on that server, he could've been on there in order to preach about Hearthigen like Cronwell Paid for by the Sten

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