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  1. They will remove the current crate when it is uploaded. Also the 10k is staff / donator discount.
  2. If these are worth booty pts then they should have a like... 5-6 chance, so u have better odds of decent items, but can still get raped in the asshole with shittier items.
  3. Please answer this SERIOUSLY! I do not want any meme answers. Please do not use this post to argue your political or religious views. I have my own opinion on the topic, but I am going to remain non-bias and support either side. Okay guys, today I had a long lockdown. It was not a drill, but a false alarm. Our teachers and faculty did not know it wasn't real. This lockdown brought up some thoughts to my mind. If there was a shooter in my school, would I want the shooter to kill me with my class, or would I want to live? This question bothers me on many levels, and here is why: If I lived, I would have to deal with the trauma and sadness of what happened. The question mentions that if a shooter came in the room. This isn't as if you did not see it happen. You would have been there, watching, screaming, and crying, as all of your classmates were brutally shot. This would definitely scar you, probably for life. You wouldn't be able to sleep for... a long ass time. I have heard stories of military members getting screwed over with the faces of the people they killed. These were justified killings, and they did not have a relationship with these people. But for you, however, it would be people you knew. They would die and you would see their sad, dying faces as they beg for their life. But, If you died, you would not have to deal with any of it. You would go wherever people go when they die. Maybe it's peaceful, maybe it isn't. But hey, that's a different topic.
  4. This is a great argument. They were not an LR for 6 or 7 rounds, so I went guard. I became warden the round after. Then, boom. There was an LR. Then, when I was a normal guard, I protected the warden 70% of the time, without needing assistance and using a Deagle. Summary, get good guards and allow auto-rebelling post closed EDIT: Also theres a suggestions page for this... no?
  5. Happy mother fucking birthday!

  6. Hello, gamers. I am back with a long waited vape review. Today I will be reviewing the Juicy Vape. I have gotten help from TinySniper and IceyFox for this review. To start off we should mention the mass of flavors involved in the Juicy Vape. The Juicy Vape comes with Mountain Dew, Cheeto, Razzleberry, Banana, Black Licorice, Churro, and lastly Skittle. The images for each flavor will be mentioned below! Overall, we believe that the physical shape and look of the vape itself, not the vapor, is a 9.5. I believe 10, Icey believes 9.5, and Tiny believes 9. The rating of the vapor's looks is 10 average, all three of us voted 10. Both Icey and Tiny believe the Juicy Vape should slightly tint your screen the color of your vape flavor, while I disagree. Overall, we believe that the hallucinogenic is more fun to use in casual play because it allows for a fun visual effect, but when playing more serious having no visual effect is better. Icey's favorite flavor is the Black Licorice, Tiny's is Razzleberry, and my favorite is Banana. Mountain Dew: Cheeto: Razzleberry: Banana: Black Licorice: Churro: Skittles: Credits to @iceyf0x and @TinySniper Check out my Hallucinogenic Vape review here: https://forums.hearthigen.com/topic/15596/hallucinogenic-vape/
  7. I feel awp with no scope would be... too op? I think the scout (M40A1) should have a crosshair tho
  8. Issued

    The Hop function

    There is not a !hop feature. This does not mean there won’t be one in the future, but it is very easy to customize a bind to connect to a server. Also you can just favorite both servers and go through the escape menu.
  9. Can I sign my friend up, thx vibey: STEAM_0:0461962553
  10. Hello fellow gamers! If you ever experience a silly / funny TTT experience that you think is cool enough to make it into the TTT loading screen post it here! Let’s see how many new images we can get. Game on
  11. Add the Confetti to TTT

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