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  1. Technically the player breaks two rules for doing this: As said by Rule IV in the Warden subsection of the Jailbreak rules: The guard is denying LR which is not allowed. Denying LR is normally a slay by a staff member, it varies on who and strictness. But mostly it's a slay for it. The player is, as well, RDMing. This results in a slay. The rules declared by RDMing to deny LR seems like two rules are being broken, so two punishments. Denying LR through RDM should be given two slays, but this is all based on staff judgement and if the guard did it purposefully or accidentally.
  2. Welcome to Hearthigen, xxorz!

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  8. Suggest movies for a movie night coming soon. There is no real genre we will be watching, just suggest some cool movies. In a few days, I will make a poll of some ideas posted and then we will have a beautiful ceremony of voting and I will select the top 2 movies. If someone suggested a movie you want, add the agree reaction to their post
  9. Happy birthday, Arch!!

  10. Issued

    Jb loading screen

    oh ye... im the guard on the right
  11. Issued

    Jb loading screen

    nonononononoo There's not many funny things to happen in JB. Like his thing isn't even too high quality. He asked us to stand there, I thought he was looking under our robes at first../
  12. On 2/14/2019, I hosted a Love-within-Hearthigen themed Cards Against Humanity event. In the first round, the following players came and got the score listed: @Flame - 10 @Issued - 6 @Devas - 4 @KiNG -3 @LibraH -3 @lumbago - 3 @Jon Snow - 1 @Jackass - 0 The second round consisted of most of the same users, except KiNG left and Kevin joined, but we had different scores (stopped at 5 this time.) Flame - 3 Issued - 3 Devas - 2 LibraH - 3 lumbago - 5 Jon Snow - Jackass - 4 Kevin - 0 Notable card sets played down: Want to use the custom pack yourself? Find it here: https://www.cardcastgame.com/browse/deck/GSH3H Want to get notified as all events are starting? Want to suggest event ideas? Join the Event's discord, open to all HGEN members: https://discord.gg/mD8kypH Issued, the Event Host

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