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  1. Happy mother fucking birthday!

  2. What server are you applying for?: Jailbreak SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78917358 What is your age?: 19 What is your IGN? (Steam name): Loud J Does your name match across our community?: Yes Do you have a mic?: Yes Have you ever been banned? If yes, explain.: Yes, accidentally banned myself. Have you read and understood all of the server rules?: Yes If there is a rule you do not understand, please paste it here: What qualities do you have that you believe are fit to be a staff member?: Well you have seen me as staff so do I need to answer this? What made you want to apply for staff?: Cause I have a feeling this server is going to be better than it ever was What times are you usually on the server?: Not sure... I have some life stuff. I'll try and be on once a week 1st Staff Reference: Heliuxen 2nd Staff Reference: Heliuxen Hearthigen Embassy is a community about family. We all reside here to make a family unit and incorporate all players in our lives and enjoyment. By agreeing to these terms, you promise to uphold these values. We are all friends, as it should be. By agreeing to these terms, you also promise to make a safe-haven for all players of all calibers and ages. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to follow all guidelines set for you as a Staff member: I agree I, the creator of this application, agree to adhere to the rules set before me. I agree to hold the server's best values in my heart and to work to create a better community inside of Hearthigen. By accepting these conditions and posting this application, I agree that my Officer status can be terminated at any time and that I fully agree to the rights and conditions of this service.: I agree
  3. I would go to meetings but they are around 3:00am for me now. I would like to go to meetings but cannot. Don't you just love timezones?
  4. Is this a Resignation or Retirement?: Resignation If this is a retirement application, how long do you plan to retire?: N/A Why do you want to retire/resign?: Honestly I don't. I would like to staff DarkRP but the server is dead. As for JB I don't really plan on coming back. And that server is also dead. Why should you be retired?: N/A Which parts of the community do you plan to leave from?: N/A - Full Resignation You understand that by agreeing to this you will not get your rank back within 2 weeks if you plan to retire unless it was an emergency deemed by Council with discussion: I agree
  5. So the servers for Hearthigen are offline. It appears this community has been going downhill and all good things must come to an end. I am somewhat sad about it. But it doesn't make me wanna cry. However I hope this is not the end of this community. Good luck with the new TTT server. I hope it goes well.

    1. Heliuxen


      Garry's Mod as it stands is going downhill. We are adapting - no worries. We'll make a comeback ❤️


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