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Loud J's Feedback

  1. Triinkett left Positive feedback   

    best kangaroo on staff team

    Loud J was

  2. Jacob left Positive feedback   

    From what I see when I am on in the morning you are a great staff member always positive is a Kangaroo pig

    Loud J was Staff Member

  3. Mistyisty left Positive feedback   

    Great staff member, very active on Jailbreak! He's friendly, and handles everything really well, apart from him eating Kangaroos he's a cool guy.

    Loud J was

  4. Devas left Positive feedback   

    Loud J is first of all a realy nice guy, just dont piss him off as staff he can be a little abusive at times but for the rest hes great ^^

    Loud J was Staff Member

  5. Lincoln left Positive feedback   

    Love Him meet him on all most ever nigth and he is a good stuff member

    Loud J was

  6. Archthious left Positive feedback   

    I really appreciate all you have done for everyone in this community, I know sometimes there are ups and downs with you but for the most part I just want to let you know I appreciate you.

    Loud J was

  7. Weed left Positive feedback   

    Well, he's a nice guy. Until he gets to loophole his way out of rules. Just last night I was muted twice with no warning "You were annoying me" he says when I obviously did nothing but meerly say two ot three words. Loopholes: Denies disrespect when common sense should tell him it's not So I was joking around and said "Loud J has no rights" next thing I know Loud J says "I do have rights you bitch" i told him to not disrespect and he denied it by saying it's not if it's not aimed at anyonr

    Loud J was

  8. Daddidud left Positive feedback   

    He's a good aussie with a good work ethic. He's active on JB, and is gr8 at his job.

    Loud J was Staff Member

  9. Heliuxen left Positive feedback   

    Aussie. You need to be more active on the forums! You have been here for a while now and you continue to make our community better every day. Without you, the night shift would be sparse and chaotic! Keep up the excellent work and the dedication, dedicate yourself to more than just the hard-server but to also the community as a whole!

    Loud J was

  10. Midnight Nightslash left Positive feedback   

    Aye. He is a good guy, and I doubt what anyone says against him (other then from his childlike attitude XD) is actually true. He is a nice guy and a nice friend.

    Loud J was Staff Member

  11. TheLukasGran left Positive feedback   

    Loud J is a great staff and makes things way more fun and intresting.

    Loud J was

  12. MushyBanana left Positive feedback   

    Nice, funny, obeys and enforces the rules

    Loud J was Staff Member

  13. Junɇ left Positive feedback   

    Loud J is good staff and screams at me when i call him a girl. +1 Danger Dolan

    Loud J was Staff Member

  14. ordinary time Alucard left Positive feedback   

    Spends a lot of time on the servers; doesn't just enforce rules; he makes the server fun for the players too!

    Loud J was Staff Member


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