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  1. I mean I'm already in but my IGN is CorianderBoi
  2. I also agree with issued. Not only about the guard armour but also about the fact that you should come to the Valentine's Day Cards Against Humanity event on Thrusday February 14th from 7:30-8:30 EST! (Which he has stated on an unrelated post)
  3. until

    I was able to move some stuff around, I should be able to make it now
  4. Ever spend real money on useless fake cosmetic items? How many V bucks have you purchased?
  5. Did you know that 77% of US senators play golf? If we want our senate to feel real then we should see at least 77% of our senate at the golf with friends event tomorrow, Thursday February 7th, from 7pm-8pm EST. There were reportedly 26.88 million Americans who played golf in 2014. If America, a country with one of the highest obesity rates in the world, can get 26.88 million people to go outside and play golf then we can surely get more than the 9 people who have RSVPed to show up to a few rounds of Mini Golf in the comfort of their own homes on Thursday February 7th from 7pm-8pm EST. Be there or be square. If you don't have the game its currently on sale on steam for $3.89 USD (or so Ive been told) or $4.21 CAD You can't buy anything else this good for $3.89 Thursday February 7th 8:30pm-9:30pm NST 8pm-9pm AST 7pm-8pm EST 6pm-7pm CST 5pm-6pm MST 4pm-5pm PST 3pm-4pm AKDT 2pm-3pm HST Aussies can figure out their own, there is only so much effort I'm willing to put into time zones
  6. until

    Don't Think I can make it. RIP sorry bud
  7. They also don't play simon says or get murdered for jumping first
  8. @Loud J loves them, dont worry. Definitely add them to JB
  9. Welcome to the forums my dude!

  10. Can we get Enigma Battle Back for DR?
  11. Put my in the game dad But seriously Can you make some Canada shit. Canada trail, moose follower, mounty player modle

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