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  1. STEAM_0:0:79113387 I'll write the review I wont bug about suggestions n the like during the review, only after.
  2. Moosee

    Shellshock time!

    Everyone is welcome for this ShellShock tournament. The normal game will take place from 7-8 pm The tournament will take place from 8-9 pm
  3. Moosee

    Pumpkin Prop-hunt!

    Gather your friends and come to Hearthigen’s first ever Pumpkin Prophunt Event. Experience Hearthigen Prophunt like never before, with a spectacular newly added halloween map! Feautred on October 30th, 2018. Come join the fun before the map goes away!
  4. Moosee

    Spooky Skribble Event!

    Come join us on October 29th at 7pm est for a Spooooky Scribble event! Bring your friends, family, and your dog along for some epic gamer moments!
  5. Come rush B with us on October 27th in the Hearthigen Wingman tournament! Do your last minute signups here: Hope to see you there!

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