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  1. All things going well we will have a beta test of the new sandbox server by Halloween. At the day which at this moment is still TBA, we will have a spooky Build Competition where the Winner will have a Ts rank Custom in-game Sandbox rank and some extra points. The 2nd and 3rd place will just get points. If you wish to join keep up on this thread and when the day is selected I will make an update and a ts channel will lapper on said day. Join the channel and be quiet while I introduce the event. May the best Builder Win.
  2. After so much time I finally got a new dev for SB. I know it been a while and I suspect it will take us a few days to get him used to it but now updates for Sb should go as planned. As for the beta date ill leave you with around the time you start to see snow. (assume you get snow in your state)
  3. Warning don't go on the 64 bit gmod and hop on jb you will get kicked by anti-cheat as I got banned. use the 32bit (untested) or optout of it. NVM it though I was flying because I lagged out. Can we get a fix pls!
  4. Minecraft CSGO R6s Fortnite (EWW) just to name a few
  5. In my opinion, I feel as if Hearthigen was overdeveloped and saturated with too much new content. some people seem to not get there is a secret supply and demand war here. Honestly, I liked it when things were simple and we didn't rush into changes for JB or TTT or Sb. Honestly, It feels like we are getting too much content too fast. While they may sound counterproductive It makes a lot of sense thinking about it. If we get too much content then all of a sudden no one knows what to do anymore because of anything the work hard for is going to be changed before it can be either completed or used to its fullest extent. Example. How many times did we think about Pointshop 1 and changing it to 2 or vise versa. Also with the oversaturation of Content, I fell we often try to fit so much into 1 game mode that we lose the base game mode and people only play it for whatever add-on the like the best. Other than that I think the most council needs to get off their as (including me, *cough* need a dedicated upload person for SB *cough*) and council should be treated not as higher ranks but as staff with better powers. it feels like council is a little less organized ads weel. I can't leak council chats as per my contract but if there is one thing I can tell you most if not all of the council chat is both a shit show and a glorified general. On a side note as soon as I can talk to heli Sb will be in full swing so if any of you have me on steam message me when you see him on. TL;DR *council needs to get off their asses *too much content at once * Too rushed *Ranks are meh *need to expand our game modes and games themselves.
  6. @Fainter hello it is me. a day goes by a heart beats on. a touch a voice smooth but full of warning . A limit to my accelerator a ethgiunsher to my fire. A night to my day a end to my play. i know of which I stand spin this perch alone but I am with it. Rivers with red and ferrous as its currents. But prehaps another day day another way. You can open a door or you can dig a tunnel. Time only tells if wall of concreate can hold me back.
  7. Necroposting this cuz it was dumb but funny.

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