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spooky KC :D's Feedback

  1. Weed left Positive feedback   

    Dis guy, dis guy. He's a guud guy. He loves to help out in nearly everything I've watched this guy ever since he was a member and he was always good at handling situations when he became staff

    spooky KC :D was

  2. Ryan left Positive feedback   

    KC is a very great staff member, he can be very calm and just go with things and be chill about it, but when it comes time and he needs to, he takes things very seriously which is just as any staff member should do

    spooky KC :D was

  3. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback   

    KC is a great guy he is always helping out and and making hearthigen shine

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  4. SkyDive left Positive feedback   

    Asriel is very active, friendly, and a good person. He has without a doubt the persona to be a good staff.

    spooky KC :D was

  5. Spiderman left Positive feedback   

    A good staff member who follows the rules and knows how it works, He works well and active on the server which is good news and does good in his interrogation

    spooky KC :D was

  6. Armegardeon left Positive feedback   

    I don't know a team when this man is not on the TS. He always asks me and im sure other people questions on how to improve himself as a staff member.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  7. Sarcothice left Positive feedback   

    I love Asriel, he's a chill guy and is really good at helping people. very nice person.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  8. xenobi left Positive feedback   

    Helped me come to understand him better even though we had a huge fight about a week or two ago even a few moments So personally i wanna say im sorry asriel and thanks for being patient with me.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  9. Dradaus left Positive feedback   

    i hated him at first, Now i want his big butt.

    spooky KC :D was

  10. all prisoners left Positive feedback   

    He slayed an rdmer

    spooky KC :D was

  11. staffmage left Positive feedback   

    Very funny dude.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  12. Ryan left Positive feedback   

    great staff member, follows protocol and handles reports extremely well

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  13. Rabbit left Positive feedback   

    You are a friendly and kind person and a wonderful help on the server. You stay positive and I see you push to have fun and for others to have fun. I will always remember you and Depressed Tyrone the very first time you two joined the server. Ive been laughing with you since.

    spooky KC :D was

  14. NarahsLucious left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy, does his job well.

    spooky KC :D was

  15. XxIllusionZz420 left Positive feedback   

    Great staff member know's rules doesn't abuse commands and is very active needs promotion listens to higher staff if they tell him something.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  16. 14Raider left Positive feedback   

    This man is very chill, he's cool, knows what he's doing and I love him. Amazing staff member.

    spooky KC :D was

  17. Daddidud left Positive feedback   

    Asriel is active on not only Jailbreak, but TeamSpeak, as well. He always has a positive attitude when staffing on Jailbreak.

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  18. KiLLER KLOWN left Positive feedback   

    Honestly, you are a joy to chat with on TS and your doing an amazing job staffing on the server. You handle reports very well and you know how to have fun ;)

    spooky KC :D was Staff Member

  19. Heliuxen left Positive feedback   

    Keep up the good work! Use the ambitions you have and turn them into persistence so you will continue to succeed here and everywhere!

    spooky KC :D was


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