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  1. -1 the awp isnt made to no scope
  2. +1 seems chill from when i played with him, sure he would do a good job
  4. Yeah I have confidence? Im not telling people to +1 it though. Dont see any "BS" Im not an impatient guy, yes I see how it may have came across as impatient. But if you read my application, it says I want all members to have a say in major decisions. Someone becoming overseer in jailbreak so early on. Is a major decision. dont assume things my guy only other msg i sent, was going to ask rick how he would describe me
  5. Ill answer to the -1 and abstain. I want people to go and look at the application, as I always want to know what people think and see. I always look for feedback. I am not asking people or begging people to +1. I am just requesting they look. Its not an attempt to get it out there and make people +1. Its to show people that there is someone looking to be overseer. Therefore, if you want to be apart of the decision. Its right there. never sent anything to shadow, so i ask you dont say things before you know. Lets keep quiet now. I have the most game time on the server. I do have patience, just want to see peoples views. the "shh" was quiet clearly a joke.
  6. Drunk's Jailbreak Overseer Application What is your in-game name?: Drunk What position are you applying for? : Jailbreak Overseer How long have you been in Hearthigen?: 3 years+, nearly 3 years on my forums account. What qualities define you most as a leader? Use past events and current events that describe this best.: I've always seen myself as a team leader and believe I can be the best at anything, and I want others to be better aswell, following my progress. I have been the leader of sport teams and servers in the past. I believe I was very good at what I did. I used to own and manage servers and they were quite successful. Over multiple games including garry's mod, ArmA 3 and more. With the past experience I have had, I believe I am best fit for this job. I am a chill guy and love to mess around but when I need to be serious I will be serious. I understand how serious of a role I have currently and I may possibly have if this were to be accepted in the future. I believe if I were to be accepted I would see a brilliant vision for this server. My confidence is something that I always get commented on, of course as a leader you cannot be nervous in major situations. I rarely ever find myself nervous, and I believe you guys would have been able to notice. List your accomplishments that you think define you most as a leader.: My best achievements in any sort of leadership role were definitely when I was captain of my football, oh, sorry you Americans SOCCER. But anyhow, I was the captain of the team and led my time to the victory of the National Finals, something I am still highly proud of and was highly commended by the coach and the team for the work I did. When I was once staff on an old Dark RP server. I was hired as the server was starting to die off and they were getting around 10 players on at a good time. I was hired and within a month we really 40+ average players during weekdays. This was a great achievement of mine and I believe if I had stayed the server would have gotten even better. Why should you be considered for a leadership role?: I believe I am a very good leader and would be up there and well respected for the things I would do. I believe there is many ways the server can be changed and made even better than it already is. I am ready to and want to learn much more about myself and other people, and I am willing to look in the mirror as I learn and see my mistakes and fix them as soon as I can, instantly making the best decision for the server and the community. I am excited to forge stronger relationships with the departments of the server and all the community members. I want this server to be like its goal, a family. Where we all trust each other and are there for each other. I am always looking at the best image for the server, I would never make a major decision without asking others and ensuring it well and truly is the best move forward. Can you work well with a diverse group of people?: Yes Choose one word to describe you and explain why you chose it.: I would describe myself as the word: Diligent. I would describe myself as diligent as I believe I am always working hard, especially when given a task or a important role as I always want to do the best at everything I do, pushing me to be the best at it and make sure I have done it with 100% effort. I believe this is a good word represent me also as every major task I have been given I have done with dedication and effort and came out with great success. What traits do you think you need to overcome as a leader? : As a leader, you need to understand there are other people around you. You are not just one solid unit. You are a team. You must all work together and must go through decisions together and do not wing it and do it by yourself. This is the most important trait of a leader, you do not want to be selfish or ignorant, you must treat everyone equal. We are all one, we are all people, just not in the same body. I have always been like this, I never leave anyone out of a decision, never bias towards others as well. That is the worst thing that you could do in a leadership role. This can bring large issues. What can you do to make the area you are applying for better?: I want to make Hearthigen jailbreak not only a community, but a family. I want the server to be thriving with players and have people really wanting to be like our server as I believe I will be able to make it successful and a thriving, organised family where there is no hate, and all respect one and other for what we are. I believe I have a great vision and mind and will be able to see the best picture and route for the server where it is always populated and an idol server. If you had to describe your leadership style, how best would you describe it?: Transformational, I want to make this server the best it can possibly be and I have big ideas for the server that I believe will make it better than ever. This is a project for me to change the server to how it should be and demonstrate my abilities. If accepted, what would your first objective be in your new role, and how would you achieve it?: I want to make Hearthigen, Hearthigen. Once again, this server will not only be a community, but a strong and organised family. I want this server to be the families. Not the staffs. The upper command of the server will discuss what has been suggested by all members of the community, upon choosing which ones should not be in the server at all. The rest would be put into a server wide poll. Where EVERYONE decides what happens, whether it is implemented or not. Can you handle sensitive information?: Yes
  7. merry christmas ( late i guess)


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