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  1. Ur one year closer to death. Think about that for your birthday bitch


  2. wtf no that sounds stupid. are u like stupid
  3. Happy Birthday, Brandon.  😞 


  4. you mean @MystikerDrachonBaxster lmaooo
  5. At least he's reppin hgen
  6. dude i thought u would get the memo by now but ig ur braindead.. STOP PUTTING ACTUAL (ig u can say important) IMPORTANT STUFF IN OFF TOPIC SPAM... This is an actual like server thing that people would prob wanna know about.. So put it in general discussion or the actual proper place.. Because this isn't off topic spam and it dosnt go into chatbox if u keep putting it here.. It will just stay unnoticed. More people will see it if u put it in the proper place..
  7. Pick what movie you would like to watch for the upcoming movie night event 🙂 These are all movies YOU guys suggested. So if you dont like any of them or whatever. You should of suggested movies you like 😛
  8. Finally. Spread the word boys. Updates out
  9. Ur asking a bunch of PC gamers..
  10. We already watched that last movie night 😛 Shutup 🅱️ona
  11. Why did you scam me on jailbreak



      Cuz bro i needed points bro. Pls dont report me bro. I dont wanna be banned bro ;-;


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