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  1. yooo. YOOOOO. happy birthday bro



  2. Bruh u had a false alarm for 15 minutes and i can see you got all these scary thoughts in your mind LMFAOO. I had a real shooter walking around my school area and all schools and stores in cornwall was put into hold and secure but my school was on lockdown. Because it was near my school. But bro.. i was honestly trynna just get the fuck outta there. I did not give 2 fucks about getting shot. All i knew was it was 6 hours long and i was fucking HUNGRY. I was boutta just dip to the mall. But there were cops at every exit. But to answer tou question. I aint dying for NOBODY whos not blood. Like fuck they ever do for me? Certainly not die. So like nigga. If u get shot. Im walking tf out.
  3. he never said it was. can a man not have interest in finding hackers?? well no wonder u like finding hackers. ik corporal really loves that shit lmfao. +1 corporals a really cool dude. any friend of corps is cool.
  4. Well thats what we here for! +1 seems like a pretty good kid
  5. Disagree. And plus u just agreed to the post Hahahah rekt
  6. Add a crosshair to the AWP on Jailbreak. Like and comment if you agree. Btw why tf isnt there a jailbreak suggestion section.. theres only a ttt sugestion section ;-;
  7. But wait. How many people died? Ig i missed that part
  8. STEAM_0:0:139826593 i thought this was only for people who dont already have a donator rank???

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