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DarkRP Rules


Updated 8/10/2018
Raid: no longer required /y - use /advert instead


-Do not try to Rule Lawyer or Loophole-

Random Deathmatch (RDM)

  1. You may not kill a player without a valid roleplay reason. (Killing an organization member, stealing your belongings, Etc…)
  2. Paid/Requested RDM is not allowed.
  3. The only way you can pay someone to kill is by a Hitmen.
  4. Kill on sight (KOS) signs are not allowed outside your property line.
  5. Do not kill someone just because they have killed you previously (Revenge RDM). .
  6. You cannot harm a government official who is running at you while committing a crime. You must be wanted or they must be engaging you.
  7. You cannot kill an officer for weapon checking you.
  8. Even if you have your base’s entrance door titled as ‘Enter = KOS’, you may not kill them if they were invited inside.
  9. Players may not revenge kill law enforcement who have arrested them once they are released from jail

New Life Rule (NLR)

  1. Once you die you may not act on things from your previous life.
  2. You must wait five 5 minutes before returning to your death location.
  3. NLR applies to bank raids.
  4. NLR does not apply when you are Randomly Deathmatched only once it is confirmed by an Administrator.

Fail Roleplay (FailRP)

  1. Anything that deviates from a job is not allowed. Example - off duty as Law Enforcement.
  2. As Law Enforcement, you can not arrest/warrant somebody without a valid reason.
  3. Classes that are not allowed to raid cannot use a firearm for anything other than self defense or it's considered FailRP.
  4. You cannot build in someone else’s base unless you are teamed with them

Job Abuse

  1. Job abuse refers to the act of changing into a job for your own benefit. An example of job abuse is a gun dealer becoming a Nurse to heal themselves and switching back to his gun dealer job.
  2. Buying items as a Gun Dealer/BMD/Drug Dealer for yourself is not allowed. It is Self-Supply and you will be punished accordingly.

Harassment and Directed Racism

  1. Harassment, through voice or text, is not tolerated.
  2. Harassment is when a player, using voice or typing, no matter the amount or length of time, to bother someone, make them uncomfortable, upset them, make them sad/depressed, or angry to the point they want you to leave them alone. Not leaving them alone is harassment and will be taken serious.
  3. Camera flash spamming is not allowed once asked to stop by a player
  4. Do not direct a racial slur at another player on the server.
  5. You MAY NOT harass or disrespect Staff in any way. They are there to help you.


  1. You may not use /OOC (Out of Character Chat) for role play means.
  2. You may not warrant a player if you see weed or hear money printers through a wall.
  3. You may not assume things based off of current statuses. (Ex: If you have a bounty,and you see a Hitmen and proceed to kill him before he shoots you simply because of his class and your bounty. Or if you are wanted, and you kill all law enforcement nearby because you are wanted. (These examples are also considered Random Deathmatch)

Communication and Spam

  1. You may not spam voice chat with anything that is unnecessary.
  2. No spamming of communications in any way. This includes anything that you type - global, OOC, admin chat, PMs, group chat, local chat, voice, etc.
  3. You may not spam chat commands.
  4. Spamming of any kind is not allowed.


  1. No vulgar and/or exposing sprays. This applies to: pornography, exposed body parts, offensive sprays, sexual actions & references, and beastiality.

Exploitation & Hacking

  1. The game has glitches - using them to gain an advantage is considered exploitation and is not allowed.
  2. Hacking is forbidden and will result in severe punishment.
  3. You may not use any Lua scripts to gain an advantage against other players. For example: ESP/Aimbot/Wallhack, etc…


  1. You may not bait people into breaking rules. (Ex: Telling them to break a rule while assuring them they will not get in trouble for doing so.)
  2. You may not bait people to their death (Ex: Letting somebody go inside your base, and killing them for being inside when your door title is ‘Enter = KOS’.)

Prop Abuse

  1. You may not use a prop to push another person.
  2. You may not use a prop to obtain access to a roof or another players base.
  3. If you ever get hit by a prop or object up to a high place, call an admin or jump off.
  4. You may not use props to block off a specific area of the map.
  5. You may not use invisible or barely visible prop of any kind. This includes cameras.
  6. You may not use material exploits to see through a non-one way prop. (Using stacked fences with materials to see out but not be seen in.)
  7. Only Law Enforcement may build in the street to enhance roleplay, but it may not be disruptive. (This excludes Hobos.)
  8. Text signs may only be placed inside properties that you own or outside the entrance to those properties. This also includes dispensers and hobo bases.
  9. If your text sign it deemed spam or unnecessary it will be removed - think of them as props, you do not put props around randomly.

Default Laws

  1. Applies when there is no mayor or no laws present
  2. Anything not listed is to be considered legal.


Raiding Rules

  1. You must shout raid when beginning a raid by typing /advert Raid or any custom phrase as long as your raiding intentions are made clear.
  2. You must shout raid when raiding a home or raiding the bank.
  3. You may raid the bank by yourself. (Criminal classes)
  4. You cannot stay in a base for more than 10 minutes.
  5. You cannot build in the bases you are raiding.
  6. No prop-climbing to get inside of someone's base.
  7. You must wait 15 minutes after your last raid to raid the same person again.
  8. You cannot raid the PD with less than two police officers online.
  9. You cannot counter-raid and then stop with the raid. You need to continue the raid once you start.
  10. You cannot glitch in anyway into other people’s bases.
  11. When the defender dies in his base during a raid, he must wait 5 minutes (NLR) before he can go back.
  12. You can not raid a base that clearly has no valuable items to steal. Example a base with 1 room that you can see in and has not items.

Raidable Classes

  • Only Law Enforcement, Mafia, Hitmen, and thieves may raid.
    For specific details check 'Job Specific Rules'

Building Rules

  1. You may not raid a home where the front door is labeled 'Building'. Having this title on your door means that you may not have any goods inside of your home. If you do, you may be raided even if you have “building” on your door. If you believe they have 'goods', contact an administrator.
  2. Once you spawn 'goods' you may not have 'Building' listed.
  3. Building on roofs of any building are not allowed, though balconies may be built on.
  4. Do not build on Roads or side walks. Only hobos can build on side walks.
  5. You may not utilize no-collided props for defensive purposes.
  6. Fading doors can not be against the world door.
  7. You may not stack props to prevent your base from being accessible.
  8. If you have more then one entrance to your base you may prop block all but ONE entrance.
  9. Only 3 Fading Doors are permitted between the entrance of your base and your goods.
  10. Keypads must keep the fading door open for AT LEAST 3 seconds.
  11. You must have 2 keypads per fading door that properly work(one on each side)
  12. Buttons may not be used in the defense of a player’s base.
  13. A "Floating" house must have supports and the entrance leading to a base must be touching the floor.
  14. No one way props can be used for defense of a base shooting windows must be transparent on each side to be used for defense.  
  15. Use the ‘Enter = KOS’ title on your front door(s) as a sign that means whenever a player enters your door(s) they may be killed by you, an organization member of yours, or anybody added as a co-owner to the door.
  16. If you invite someone into your house, the “enter = KOS” is nullified.
  17. You may not have both ‘Enter = KOS’ & ‘Building’ as your door title at the same time.
  18. You cannot create kill bases. This is where you create a base to where whenever someone steps inside, they die.
  19. No crouch bases.
  20. You cannot have fading doors when the person in crouching. Ex.) You cannot force a person to crouch in order to crack a keypad.
  21. Do not fading door abuse. Ex.) Opening the fading door with your bind and closing it when you wish OR Just pressing your bind over and over again.
  22. Hobos cannot block off tunnels or streets
  23. Your base may only extend to the sidewalk, but cannot call the sidewalk KOS. This rule is exempt if the keypad is above the sidewalk.
  24. You may have a KOS line inside of your property line and with in the base it self.

Rules of Basing

  1. You may only own or be basing in 1 base at a time.
  2. When basing you can not build in un-owned buildings, you must own all the door in your building unless it is an apartment.
  3. Cops are not allowed to own a base or base with any one.
  4. You can only have a total of 5 players basing in the same base.
  5. Mafia can only base with other mafia.
  6. Thieves can only base with other thieves, and drug dealers.
  7. Gun Dealers can only base with other gun dealers, hitman and doctors.
  8. Prostitutes can only base with Pimp and vice versa. 

Kidnapping Rules

1. You may kidnap anyone that is not apart of your organization/mafia.

2. You may only have someone captive for 10 minutes. After the 10 minute time limit is up, you have to let them go or you have to kill them.

3. The max amount of ransom you can demand is $25,000.

4. You cannot put them in a place where they cannot be found or released.

5. You must have the captive person in an area where the police or others can raid and release the captive.

6. You cannot have a crouch base to get to the captive.

7. A police official may arrest you in the streets if they see you kidnapping.

8. The captive cannot switch jobs or kill himself in order to be released. This is FailRP

9. There is a limit to Kidnapping, You/Your group may only attempt to kidnap people once every 5 mins, and 10 mins to the same person(s).

Job Rules:


  • You may not raid.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.


  • You may not raid.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.


  • You have the supreme law of the land! You may create any kind of rule you wish to create as long as they do not break general rules!
  • You may only set out a warrant for RP reasons. (evidence of crimes, breaking laws, Etc.)
  • Your lockdowns may not last more than 2 minutes, and must be separated by 5 minutes and should be used for emergence only.. Ex.) Mafia shootings, PD raiding, etc.
  • Once you are a mayor you always will be till you die or get demoted! So be careful when you are roaming the streets!
  • You don’t need a valid roleplay reason to demote a government official.
  • You may be taken hostage and be held for ransom.
  • The mayor may not be Killed for the first 5 minutes once a player is made mayor
  • The mayor has a max building time of 30 minutes and building must be stated in the laws.
  • The max amount you can charge for a gun license is $1000

Government Officials(Police Officers, FBI, etc.)

  • Government Officials must abide by laws. The only people who can not be arrested for having guns if they are illegal are the following: Law Enforcement, Mayor, and Bankers (Inside the bank only).
  • Government officials do not need to yell raid, but are required to have a warrant in order to raid a base.
  • Government jobs may work with criminal jobs but not to commit crimes (Raiding or stealing.)
  • Law Enforcement Officials may defend each other.
  • No government job is allowed to have a private home/base outside of the Police Station, unless you are setting up a temporary headquarters for a raid.
  • Law enforcement officials may raid only after having seen illegal items and obtained a Warren.


  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may not deny players your services, but you may charge players for them.
  • You may not carjack.
  • You may own any weapons.
  • You may build small "express" shops in public. This shop must be on the sidewalk and may not restrict access to roads, doors, or atms


  • You may mug.
  • You may steal.
  • You may sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may kidnap other players.
  • You may carjack
  • May only raid in a group of 3. Mob Mafioso must be present for the raid.
  • When a mob boss is in power all thugs base with the mob boss. During this time thugs may not raid, mug, or kidnap without their mob boss present. During this time you may still roam the map, steal cars, and steal loose items.
  • The Mob Boss is allowed to demote any of his members if they do not abide by his rules or demands. You MUST listen to your mob boss
  • You cannot mug for more than $1000


  • You may only participate in raids if you know your target is inside the base.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may only kill people you have been paid to kill, except when defending yourself or your group.
  • You may accept hits on Hobos.
  • You may not pay someone to put a hit on someone.

Gun/Drug Dealers

  • You may not become someone's personal Gun/Drug dealer! Everyone must pay the price.
  • You may not participate in raids.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You must set up a store where you sell items available to the public.
  • You may not deny your services to individual players, but you can deny your services for a valid RP reason.
  • You may not sell your goods lower than the base price specified in the f4 menu.


  • You may mug.
  • You may steal.
  • You may sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may kidnap other players.
  • You may carjack
  • May only raid in a group of 2.
  • You cannot mug for more than $1000


  • You are not allowed to raid.
  • You are not allowed to mug.
  • You are not allowed to steal.
  • You are allowed to defend your brothel.
  • You are allowed to defend your prostitutes.
  • Pimps may abuse and deny payment to his works. (if you want call them that.)


  • You may not participate in raids.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may steal.
  • You may not sell stolen items but you can accept stolen items.
  • Hobos are the only job allowed to build In public. Do not make it to where players can not get through. (Such as living in tunnels or ally ways that block NPC's or passage.)
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may build and protect a base, but may not live in any buildings.
  • You may not own real doors.
  • You may build any creative skyhouse as long as there are supports under neither it. (Please make it look like a house or at least a shanty.)
  • You may build gambling contraptions and have them accessible to the public.
  • You may not build your shack in front of someone's entrance in a way that it blocks the way in.
  • You may own a weapon larger than a hand
  • You may own money printers.
  • Do not spam the zombie noises.
  • You are allowed to play music through your mic. However, if an staff member tells you to stop YOU MUST STOP.
  • You can not block off tunnels, streets and alleys.
  • People can KOS you if they ask you to stop throwing bug bait at them!

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