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How to make a big impact as a Hearthigen Member

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Making a difference in the community goes a long way. It will help you build long-lasting relationships with people as well as giving you lasting fulfilment. Use some of the following tips to help you make a positive impact on the community.




1. Vote on applications.

Your opinion matters and it helps us determine if the applicant is suitable for the job. Understand that your thoughts are as valuable as the majority, so you should let others hear you even though it might not necessarily be popular.



2. Always show respect.

You might not always agree with others, but understand that everyone thinks differently and is as deserving of respect as you are. If you have been hurt by another person in the community, seeking help from CRD or Council would be a better approach.  



3. Interact with others.

No man is an island. Leave something on a person's wall, or strike up a conversation on our TeamSpeak to brighten up their day. 



4. Leave feedback.

This will allow staff members to learn and better themselves. It also gives the overseers insight on the staff member's performance.  Leaving feedback on our servers also helps our developers to make it better



5. Have fun on our servers

We value the enjoyment of our players on our servers. By participating, you are making our servers livelier (Provided you abide by the rules of course.) 

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