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Salt Water Hippo

Salt Water Hippo's SandBox Overseer Application

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What server are you applying for?: SandBox
What is your in-game name / name you like to go by: SaltWaterHippo
How much experience do you have in the gamemode?: I have played on multiple sandbox server including most of the top ones such as egg
I have a lot of experience with the popular add-on WIREMOD which most servers are using
I have previous staff experience from JB
I briefly attempted to set up my own server
I also have experience with the other mod we offer Harry Poter Spells
What brings you to apply?: Well, I want Overseer so that I can help the server more directly. This is not as much staffing as it is trying to get add-ons working and making the server better with add-ons and promotion including events. I also want to rework the rank system on sandbox as it is not up to date and also would like to re-work the rule books and help clearly define what is rule breaking and what is not. I also feel very strongly about asking other players for the ideas. I think that you all should contribute extra ideas and we will have a vote. I think that while the community should have more control a small check and balances system should be in a place where overrides can happen so I am not stuck on personal Bias.My full list will be as follows:

* Allow WIREMOD to be used by everyone
* Rework ranks to current ranks
* Ask about popular add-ons and see if we can add them
* change the loading screen
* add custom point items
* get events to be hosted
* rework rulebook
* Promote our server to other players
* Make it easier to use via a starter handbook
* A few other suggestions from the what you think is a good idea

* Add maps/map vote system
What traits do you think exemplify you as a potential leader?: * I have good ideas
* I have the previous experience
* I enjoy playing sandbox
* I am already staff
* I will be fairer and ask the community more
* I attended every meeting possible
* I don't go over the top
* I help the other players

What is the biggest issue today with that gamemode, and what can we do to make it better?: We have a lack of player but I believe it is harsh permissions. If I get overseer I personally promise to help get permission reworked to a point where at least 7/10 people think its fair. I will ask as many people as possible to prevent outliers in the forum and make sure that what is fair is actually on the server. I think that with a mixture of re-worked permissions and new add-ons we can get the server populated multiple times a day with little interference or issues.
What is your current position within Hearthigen?: Sandbox Mod (currently says officer getting that fixed)
How long have you been in Hearthigen?: Almost 2 years. Will be 2 years on March 16.

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