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ordinary time Alucard

March Monthly Awards Nominations

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The Eighth Monthly Awards



Yup, it’s that time of the month again. Let’s go nominate some people who deserve to be recognised!


Make your nominations for next month’s awardees! We currently have these awards available for nomination:


Hero of the Month (HGEN Members only)

Staff of the Month (Various Server Categories)

Biggest Meme

Prop of the Month  (Prophunt)
Hunter of the Month  (Prophunt) 

Warden of the Month  (JailBreak)
Prisoner of the Month  (JailBreak)

Bhopper of the Month  (Deathrun)


For details on these awards, refer to the following post:


In future, there might be multiple rounds of nominations and polls depending on the number of awards.

How to nominate:

Please leave a reply on this thread in the following format:

I nominate <name> for <award> because <reason>

You may have more than one nomination.

Example Nomination:

I nominate @Alucard The Warden's Ex for Biggest Meme because he made this programme and it’s cool

I nominate @ForgetfulCat for TTT Staff of the Month because he’s been helping out a lot on the server.

I nominate @Heliuxen for Jailbreak Staff of the Month because he asks people to get on jb

You don’t need to nominate a person from every category.


1.) Nothing inappropriate please.

2.) Nominations failing to provide a nominee, reason and award will be rendered invalid.

3.) Nominations for this month are to only be made on this thread. Any nominations made outside of this thread will be ignored.

Other things to acknowledge:

1.) If you agree with someone’s nomination we appreciate if you just rate ‘support’ on it instead of quoting it.

2.) We request you keep this thread to only nominations we will delete anything we feel does not warrant to be on this thread. (deemed by Awards staff)


Nominations will close on Sunday, March 18 12 am CST.

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I nominate @RareFroggy123 for Hunter of the Month because I always find PasstheAux and Colossusfighter's secret spots.

I nominate @Salt Water Hippo for Sandbox staff of the month because he is always thinking of ways to improve the server.

I nominate @RareFroggy123 for Prisoner of the month because I always kill the warden so that people can have a freeday.

I nominate @RareFroggy123 for Meme of the Month (just look at his name and profile....looks like a memer to me.



I could keep going but I don't want to look even more selfish than I already do.  what if we make an award for the most selfish person of the month...THEN I CAN NOMINATE MYSELF FOR ANOTHER AWARD

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I nominate @[test]Asnue for Prisoner of the month because I got like 50 LR's

I nomiante @[test]Asnue for Hunter of the month because I find everyone's spots on Hide n Seek day :3

I nominate @PJtrey for Jailbreak Staff of the Month because hes put a ton of effort in this server 

Lastly I nominate @[test]Asnue for Meme of the Month because I just screw up a lot and its funny asl <3

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anybody who nominates themselves for meme of the month needs to fuck off.


seriously. none of you are funny for doing that.


regardless, i nominate @Heliuxen for hearthigen hero of the month since he prevented two extremely toxic players from coming back to this community



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