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Hearthigen Jailbreak Legacy - The Voiceover

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I have been tinkering with this idea for quite some time, and I believe @easter ForgetfulCat also mentioned this before. One of our goals was to have a conglomeration of our member's voices in our servers. 


Well, today I decided I would meme on @[test]Asnue... I am the best meme maker p.s.  Regardless, I added a voiceover track of him from a couple of years ago that has a certain phrase that we thought was pretty funny.


Interestingly enough, this made me remember what one of our goals was prior. So with that said, I want to invite people who are interested in being "legacialized...." (fake word.. fuck off) with a special phrase on the server.


So how this works:

You will have to meet with me, and I will have to record such a special phrase. I will then add it to the server, and it will become a permanent little fun weapon on the server for users to enjoy. Of course, I recognize some of the dangers of such implementation (such as spam), so we will make sure they are quite pricey and not able to be triggered quite so quickly.


As an example, feel free to log onto Jailbreak and witness @[test]Asnue's "Andrew's Demise." 


If you would like to participate in such a "legacy creating" event, please feel free to comment below. 


Each of you make Hearthigen possible, and I think that this may be one of the best way's to hold the legacy that each of you have created.



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