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New Gang System

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Now you can create your own gangs. Here is a complete list of what the new gang system has to offer




!gang or gang_menu - Gang menu

!ganginvites or gang_invites - Gang invites menu

!gangcreate or gangcreate_menu - Gang creation menu

!mgadmin or gang_admin - Gang admin menu



Territories -

Gangs claim territories from other rival gangs

Rewards for claiming territories

Option to allow/disallow building within unclaimed/rival territories

To make a territory, use the territory marker tool, found in the spawn menu weapons tab

Associations -

Gangs can identify allies, enemies and neutral associations with other gangs

Gangs can start wars against each other

Upgrades -

Gangs use their balance to purchase upgrades for their gang

Can add custom upgrade types (requires Lua knowledge)

Stash -

The bank for gangs

Store items/entities

Compatible with:

DarkRP Pocket


Achievements -

Gangs complete achievements and receive awards

Can add more achievements

Rankings -

Gangs climb to the top of the rankings

Features 4 default rankings

Gang Chat

A chat that gangs can use to communicate privately

Default chat command: /gchat


I did not make this. I found this on https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/5045/mgangs-2-the-advanced-advanced-gang-addon. All credit goes to the creator

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