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Jailbreak DELTA v1.0

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Jailbreak DELTA Changelog

LIVE v1.0****


will be adding in playermodels for Jailbreak. HOWEVER, I am giving everyone until 10/14 at 12:00 A.M. to sell their items in PointShop 2 so that you will have your points when we swap the server back to PointShop 1.


The current restrictions being felt by PointShop 2 are causing issues for any future developments. Whilst I prefer PointShop 2, I recognize the growing urge from our community to incorporate playermodels. The majority also fear the idea of being confused by playermodels. In this case, we would not be able to restrict classes with PS2. With PointShop 1 we are granted a wider array of options in terms of restrictions, and we would be able to restrict playermodels to those classes.




Other updates will be coming over the next several days as I work to incorporate new items and other additions such as a new HUD. I wanted to release the majority of the update now.


ALL FUTURE UPDATES WILL BE INCREMENTAL IN NATURE. I will not take a major project like this again for Jailbreak as I feel it creates too much stress on everyone in anticipation and myself as the Developer. If I am to take such a large project on, I will ensure that regular updates are implemented into Jailbreak.


What does this mean for us? Expect bi-weekly small updates to occur for new additions of items / removal of items as necessary.



  • Removed
    • Prisoner Grade weaponry
    • Guard Grade weaponry
  • Added
    • Suitcase bomb
    • Ciggy Cig
    • M14 Sniper
  • Ingram MAC-10
    • Swapped to Secondary to follow true weapon functionality
  • AUG
    • Name change to "Steyr AUG"
    • Fixed Scoping issues
  • Galil
    • Name change to "IMI Galil"
  • Scout
    • Fixed Scoping Issues
  • All weapons received a boost / reduction in some way related to their weapon class.


Bug Fixes:

  • Patched the broken reload function
  • Patched the give_weapon issue for Death Requests



  • Added “Freeze player” option in tab menu
  • Added “Slay Next Round” option in tab menu
  • Added “Remove Slay Next Round” option in tab menu
  • Added “Slay Now” option in tab menu
  • Added “Gag” option in tab menu                
  • Added “Mute” option in tab menu


Last Request:

  • Added "Anime Trivia"
    • More to come soon!


Server Function

  • Added new sleek report system
  • New sleek logging system
  • Added customizable “Death Emblem” for players Registered + to be able to use (Registered + may be a discussion)
    • Death emblem allows users to create a little box at the bottom of someone’s screen after they kill them - something neat
  • Added weather system
    • Rain, snow, wind, day/night series with no impact on users
  • Updated chatbox
  • Removed old report system.. (this was a piece of shit report system tbh)


Map Additions

  • Added jb_breakout_v1d ( thanks to @Ryan ) - UPDATE
  • Added jb_penitentiary_v4
  • Added jb_vortex_dimension_v2_1
  • Added jb_new_summer_v3



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