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Trouble in Foreli Town Changelog

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This is the full changelog from vanilla TTT to our current server.


Version 1.1


Coming Soon


Version 1.0


A major focus was put on making every weapon feel unique, including traitor and detective weapons. The mindset is that if a weapon doesn't feel fun AND viable to use, it doesn't belong in TTT.



  • Basic Hearthigen server bling, I won't list that here; it's a secret 😉
  • Clean Mapvote with Map Icons
  • F6 Menu w/ News, Rules, Tutorial, Forums, Steam Group, Steam Workshop, Commands, and Online Players/Staff
  • F8 Damagelogs and RDM Manager
  • Spectator Deathmatch with F7 Statistics
  • Scoreboard Right Click Menu
  • TTT Scoreboard w/ Custom Ranks
  • Spray Identifier
  • Hitmarkers w/ Heashot Indicator
  • Gunstats
  • End Round Music played from web link (no downloads, yay!)
  • TTT Killer Info
  • Get Traitor Command/ !t when dead or spectating
  • Directional Damage Indicator
  • Spawn Alert (flashes Gmod icon when spawning, you may now alt-tab without worrying about missing the next round start)
  • Draw Holstered Weapons on Playermodel
  • F1 Menu Client Settings for End Round Music, Drawing Holstered Weapons, Spawn Alert, Hitmarkers, and Directional Damage Indicator Settings
  • Many Maps
  • Weapons
    • AK-47
    • Dual Elites
    • Revolver
    • P90
    • Pump Shotgun
    • SG-552
    • Silenced Sniper
    • Traitor Silenced M16
    • Traitor AWP
    • Traitor Cat Launcher
    • Traitor Advanced Disguiser
    • Traitor and Detective Defib
    • Traitor Explosive AK-47
    • Traitor Explosive Deagle
    • Traitor Explosive Rifle
    • Traitor Explosive Pump Shotgun
    • Traitor Incendiary Rifle
    • Traitor Grav Nade
    • Traitor Jihad Bomb w/ Taunts
    • Traitor and Detective Lightsaber
    • Traitor Flamethrower
    • Traitor Headcrab Launcher
    • Traitor Prop Exploder
    • Traitor ID Bomb
    • Detective ID Bomb Defuser
    • Detective P228
    • Detective Old Bessie Slug Shotgun
    • Detective Blink

    • Detective Dubstep Gun



  • Increased Jump Height
  • Removed Annoying Red Death Screen
  • Players will not be auto-kicked for changing names
  • Players will not be auto-kicked for low karma
  • Detectives spawn with 2 credits instead of the default 1
  • Throwing grenades is disabled during preparing stage
  • Post-round damage is now enabled
  • Weapons now spawn with full ammo, but do NOT regain full ammo when dropped and picked up
  • M16 is now burst-fire
  • Traitor Knife is now an instant kill
  • Buff to Traitor Silenced Pistol
  • Buff to Detective UMP-45 Prototype
  • Replaced Traitor Flare Gun with Incendiary Rifle
  • Jihad Bomb cannot be dropped once activated
  • Changed Deagle Model to a cooler one with slick animations and sounds
  • Nerfed Shotguns
    • Pump Shotgun is optimized for mid-range engagements
    • Shotgun is optimized for short-range engagements
  • Balanced Automatics
    • AK-47 is optimized for mid-range engagements
    • SG-552 is optimized for mid to long-range engagements
    • M16 is now bae (seriously, it is the meta, and it's fun to use, check it out!)
  • Balanced SMGS
    • MAC10 is optimized for short-range engagements
    • P90 is optimized for short to mid-range engagements with a focus on high ammo count
  • Balanced Sniper Rifles
    • Rifle is actually largely unchanged, because it was already amazing
    • Silenced Sniper is now fast-firing but lower damage (2 shot headshot)
  • Balanced Pistols
    • Pistol actually does decent damage now
    • Glock is optimized for short-range engagements
    • Deagle accuracy is increased
    • Magnum Fire Rate is greatly increased (it’s high noon)
    • Dual Elites fire two bullets for each shot (cuz there are two of them), run out of ammo quickly but are high damage
  • H.U.G.E is still viable, if you want to spray and pray
  • Huge changes to Lightsabers 
    • Attack is an instant-kill
    • Reload ignites/extinguishes blade
    • Secondary attack is a Force Jump 
    • With Lightsaber equipped, player will take minimal fall damage
    • Blade does minimal damage even when not swung
    • Damagelogs properly identify Lightsaber damage
  • Scoreboard now shows current map
  • Rearrangement of F1 menu for better user experience


Known Issues:

  • Dual Elites firing animation looks really bad
  • Deagle world model appears in the player's crotch
  • Perfect 1

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22 hours ago, ForgetfulCat said:




Does that mean I get to be a Beta Tester?  uwuwuwuw

  • Event Starting Soon 1

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