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Hearthigen TTT Beta

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Bois and grils,


The time is here. Trouble in Foreli Town is complete (near as I can tell), and it's time for a beta test to work out the last few issues (if there are any, it may just be the first perfect TTT ever created, no brag). 


The beta will take place on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018 at 4:00pm EST.


This is a CLOSED BETA, meaning that you MUST reply to this thread with a message containing the following:


1) Your Steam ID

2) A commitment to writing a "review" of the server after the beta is complete (on a thread to be poked to you after the conclusion of the beta), with a list of bugs encountered and/or suggestions for what could be improved or added.

3) A commitment to NOT constantly telling me these bugs/suggestions DURING the beta; save them for your "review" AFTER


Not every response may result in an invitation to the beta, but the more the merrier, so you'll have a good chance.


Spread the word, TTT is back!

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