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I feel like it would be great if we coded a bot that allowed members to view the current player count of the servers. This does not seem like a too complicated bot to code, but I wouldn't know because I am not a coder. What you will need to do is have the bot recognize "!players-ttt" and "!players-jb." The bot will just have to respond with "There are [amount of players] out of [max players] on [server.] An example would be: "There are 11 out of 20 players on TTT." This makes it easier for the players to see how many people are on, and not make them launch Garry's mod to see if anyone is on and it's easier than going on GameTracker. This is also helpful since it doesn't show TTT players on the forums, yet. The bot could simply post the gametracker stats for that server, since it's the same thing. This bot will save everyone time throughout their lives.



Heres how to set up a discord bot: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/how-to-make-a-discord-bot/

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2 hours ago, RareFroggy123 said:

Go to Hearthigen.com and scroll down.

Yeah... Turns out ima fucking idiot. I looked for it so many times...; c.... It turns out when I scrolled and it didn't scroll past the middle "tab," I thought it was the last. The bot would be useful nonetheless

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