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LEGACY 2x Donation Event

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In honor of legacy, I am creating a 2x donation event. This event is different than previous events for a multitude or reasons of which I will list below*:


Legacy Donation

1/7/109 - 2/2/2019


  • Donating during the event will earn you a special award on the forums (Angel of Hearthigen)
  • Donating during the event will get you 2x the points
  • Donating during the event will get you a special follower [TBD very soon]
  • Donating during the event will count as 2x in the ranking - donating $12.50 will get you Gold for example



*It should be noted: You are in no way guaranteed anything above by donating. Donating should be done out of kindness and want for the community to continue. The aforementioned are merely gifts that we give to those who help us in incalculable ways. We run purely off donations, and the donations pay directly for all of the services we provide. You are not donating for any goods.


We appreciate all of you, and we are thankful for all of the support as Hearthigen is reborn into what it should have been to start with.


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