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Hello, gamers. I am back with a long waited vape review. Today I will be reviewing the Juicy Vape. I have gotten help from TinySniper and IceyFox for this review. To start off we should mention the mass of flavors involved in the Juicy Vape. The Juicy Vape comes with Mountain Dew, Cheeto, Razzleberry, Banana, Black Licorice, Churro, and lastly Skittle. The images for each flavor will be mentioned below! Overall, we believe that the physical shape and look of the vape itself, not the vapor, is a 9.5. I believe 10, Icey believes 9.5, and Tiny believes 9. The rating of the vapor's looks is 10 average, all three of us voted 10. Both Icey and Tiny believe the Juicy Vape should slightly tint your screen the color of your vape flavor, while I disagree. Overall, we believe that the hallucinogenic is more fun to use in casual play because it allows for a fun visual effect, but when playing more serious having no visual effect is better. Icey's favorite flavor is the Black Licorice, Tiny's is Razzleberry, and my favorite is Banana.


Mountain Dew:












Black Licorice:









Credits to @iceyf0x and @TinySniper


Check out my Hallucinogenic Vape review here:  https://forums.hearthigen.com/topic/15596/hallucinogenic-vape/

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